Warp Events (Legacy)

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This is a legacy page to preserve the history of what Warp Events looked like with GTNH v.2.1.2 and earlier. See Warp Events for the current table. and prior Warp Effects
Warp Effect Name Description
10 FakeBoom Random explosion noises
10 FakeBoomer Random creeper charging noises
15 Bats Spawns bats around you (good source of volatus!)
16 Poison Adds poison effect randomly. First harmful effect, can be cleared with milk or terrawart
18 Jump Increases jump height very significantly. If you're wearing jump increasing boots, this might propel you 40 blocks into the air in the overworld.

If you're on a low gravity planet, I don't recommend jumping to avoid dying of fall damage.

25 Blood Rains blood particles from nearby blocks
25 Nausea Applies nausea effect (screen tearing)
25 Rain Turns weather to rain. Off on most multiplayer servers.
26 Friend Spawns a "friendly" creeper with ~110 health and a randomized name.

Although it won't explode, it can be infernal, which means it can force choke you if you're afking when it spawns. Or hurt you with vengeance when you try to kill it.

30 Lightning Queues up more and more lightning strikes over time for when you go outside.

This is the first warp effect that really sucks as it makes going outside difficult without bonus hearts or good armor.

Get a Thaumic Restorer for all the damage your armor will be taking. Or use electric armors.

32 LiveStock Rain Rains animals on a nearby sky-visible block. Will queue until you get within 5 or so blocks of a valid block. Good source of leather :)
38 Wind Pushes you around
43 Blind Applies blind effect
45 Blink Randomly teleports you a few blocks, including up or down. Can be very disorienting with blind and nausea.
50 Acceleration Randomly increases ticks nearby?
50 Decay Inflict slowness? Destroy nearby crops?
50 Swamp Spawns random trees/swamp water around. Will grief your base.
80 Chest Scrambles all nearby chest inventories.
80 WitherSpawn Spawns a wither.