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Automation is one of the primary themes of the New Horizons modpack. From the humble hopper to a full auto-crafting Material Energy system, the available options increase with every new technology tier. This page is a list of potential automation systems available in GT:NH. Comprehensive guides can also be found below, where available.


Primitive early game automation. Chests or other storage can be placed on top to extend buffer size. Can be placed beneath steam machines to pull contents. Output direction can be adjusted using GT wrench. Transfer rate is fairly slow, 1/s. Transfers until receiver is full. Can be disabled with redstone signal. Buggy with certain containers like drawers, may pull items even if the hopper is full.

GT Pipes, Conveyors & Pumps

More advanced automation. Conveyors and pumps pull or push items/fluids, with rates increasing by tier. Fluid pipes try to divide flows evenly, but can suffer from backflow issues. Multi-pipes available with fluid filter covers allowing specific fluids into or out of each pipe. Item pipes route item to nearest-allowed-destination based on distance. Smaller pipes are automatically given a longer distance. Simple filtering possible with locked barrels. Transfers until receiver is full. Can be used for dedicated setups, ie compressing and centrifuging air, oil desulfuring and mixing to max diesel, etc. Automation is a pull-based system - you pull something out at the end, and the ingredients slowly percolate to the start. Can be upgraded to be redstone controlled. GT item filters and chest buffers can be used with other systems to do type filtering or providing specified amounts of items.

GT Covers

GT has a lot of covers that come in handy when setting up automation. Fluid level detectors, machine controllers, item/type filters and buffers are some of the most helpful. The filters are wonderful for things like ore processing, where all your items share an ore tag but are different, like crushed/washed/centrifuged ores.


Simple 1 block automation. Fast and can be upgraded with a glowstone dust for speed, and a diamond nugget for stocking. Easy to pull and sort items out of a mixed output into different destinations, including GT pipes. Multiple inputs/multiple outputs within the 1 block. Interface must touch another block. Item and fluid variants, however the fluid version is much worse than the item one, and is worse than a lot of GT pipes. Like an advanced, high-speed hopper. Good for compact setups like air centrifuging/water electrolyzing or simple sorting into destination pipes. The item versions are some of the fastest item transport you have available, especially in MV.

Item/Fluid Conduits (Ender IO)

Automation level similar to GT pipes but without sloshing, and with better filtering. Can store small amounts of fluid within the conduit itself. Can be redstone controlled. Supports basic filtering. Transfer rate isn't upgradeable on fluid conduits, but item conduits can get up to 64items/cycle instead of the base 4. You can also downgrade item speed to 1/cycle which plays well with round robin mode. They also pull by themselves, and don't need a pump/conveyor like GT.

Item conduits shine when their existing item filter is used. It essentially is an infinite filter, which also has the abilities of normal eio filtering. This is many people's go to for separating siftable ores from thermal centrifuge ores. It can also be used in conjunction with automated assemblers that use more than 1 type of fluid. Can be used to automate an assline and act as an interface from AE2 to an assline. AE2 would dump parts into a chest, then EIO would filter them into the correct assline locations.

Fluid conduits are some of the best fluid transfer in the game. They're instant, have what can be a really high throughput, and can have every fluid move through one conduit. They have instant transport, but a slow input of 500L/t. So if you want to do more than that, you need something pushing into the conduit. This makes their pull speed reliant on the output rather than their listed rate. Not the fastest thing overall, but great for systems that use a lot of fluids. As simple move 1 fluid a few blocks, they aren't great.

Transfer Node (Extra Utilities)

Automation level similar to GT pipes. Supports simple autocrafting with World Interaction Upgrades. Crafting table recipes, requires items in 3x3 inventory shape in front of the item transfer node. Crafting speed is slow but can be upgraded. Transport speed is slow but can be upgraded. WIU can mine or collect items, including liquid blocks or cobblestone generators. Various pipe options to support rationing and inherently has round-robin distribution at intersections. Perhaps better for lag since pipes don't show contents. Liquid pipes cannot transfer lava. Possible infinite water source?

Golems (Thaumcraft)

Low tier transport and mid-tier player actions emulation. Golems can do specific actions, such as planting, harvesting crops, lumberjacking, fishing, etc. Transport golems can move items from inventory to inventory. Not particularly fast, and pretty pricey to make. OK for low-speed player emulation needs. Solution for alchemy automation.


Mid-tier on-demand automation. No support for fluids. Fluids must be placed into a tank and transported using cells. Supports automated extraction and stock-keeping (keep XX of YY in this slot). Items can be extracted from general purpose storage and provided on demand. Items can be crafted on-demand. Using setups for multiple roles is difficult but doable. Works best when a setup's outputs is used in multiple locations - think Oxygen and sending it to a polyethylene setup, polyvinyl chloride setup, and nitric acid setup. Automation is pull-based - you pull something out, and the ingredients slowly bubble back to the starting requirements. Has special requirements for pipe intersections. Can be expensive with circuits, not recommended until LV circuit assembler is available. Perhaps worse for lag since pipes show contents.

Steve's Factory Manager

Steve's Factory Manager is a high-tier, versatile automation helper. It excels in last-mile item and fluid routing and can eliminate almost all cable clutter. Setup and control is done through a drag and drop GUI interface.

Open Computers

High-tier on-demand automation, including in-world manipulation. Drones and robots can emulate most player actions, including Thaumcraft infusion (with Gadomancy Infusion Claw).

Applied Energistics 2

Ferrari of automation and autocrafting systems. Near-essential in some form by LuV. Very complex setup requirements, and large power draws. Storage, transport, and automated crafting. Supports interfaces to Thaumcraft essentia for automated alchemy. May require secondary systems to craft items dumped into an intermediate location, or small pull systems to keep items stocked. Supports Push-based system - you request X, and it will figure out and build/push the minimal basic ingredients it is missing to get to X.