Moon Travel Checklist

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This is a checklist for Moon travel, to ensure you don't lose your rocket or get stuck anywhere.

What to Bring

Space Gear

Lack of oxygen will cause the player to take large amounts of damage occasionally

  • Oxygen Gear - Required for Breathing
  • Oxygen Mask - Required for Breathing
  • Filled Light Oxygen Tank x4 - Insufficient by themselves, see Oxygen Base
  • Parachute - Return Trip
  • Frequency Module - Hearing


  • Miners can be powered by a generator one voltage lower
  • Generator fuel
  • Oxygen machines can be powered by batteries due to low power consumption. See power consumption rates below.

Oxygen Base

Green is power, blue is oxygen. These machines can be rotated with a GregTech wrench.

  • Oxygen Collector - 30 EU/s - Collects oxygen from nearby leaves. Every 1-2 leaves increases the production rate by 2/s.
  • Oxygen Bubble Distributor - 30 EU/s - Creates a small bubble of visible breathable space where oxygen gear isn't needed, and oxygen tanks won't be depleted. Consumes oxygen at a rate of 160/s. Oxygen can be piped in or provided via a Canister of Liquid Oxygen (LOX).
  • Oxygen Compressor - 45 EU/s - Fills oxygen tanks. Consumes oxygen at a rate of 40/s. Oxygen can be piped in or provided via a Canister of Liquid Oxygen (LOX).
  • Oxygen Pipes - For moving oxygen.
  • Vanilla Leaves - For the Oxygen Collector.


One day cycle on the moon lasts 2h 40m (1h 20m day, 1h 20m night), or 8 overworld days (4 overworld days day, 4 overworld days night). The moon phases reflect the current phase of the day cycle; the InGameInfo overlay on the top left displays the current moon phase, and next to it, a (D) for day or (N) for night on the moon. Torches do not work on the moon; they are immediately put out due to the lack of oxygen. Warning: a lightning infernal can destroy your rocket!

  • Galacticraft Glowstone Torches
  • Other custom mod light sources
  • GregTech Monster Repellator (disabled on official servers)
  • Magnum Torch (disabled on official servers)


  • HV Miners - Maximize fortune bonus for Meteoric Iron
  • Mining Pipes
  • Compressed Chest - Portable storage; backpacks are unlikely to fit the veins you want
  • Chunkloaders - If you don't play with ServerUtilities chunkloading enabled
  • Seismic Prospector - You probably don't have the oxygen supply to be running around digging chunks, and you also don't have the ores for an ore wand.

Survival and Dungeoneering

Instant Travel (Optional)

Pre-Launch Checks

  • Launchpad has no obstructions at any height above it.
  • Rocket is fueled with 5kL of rocket fuel.

Launch Sequence

  • RMB enters rocket
  • RMB or Sneak leaves rocket
  • Press O to check fuel and inventory
  • Press Space to launch
  • Countdown can be viewed in F5
  • If there are no obstructions, don't steer
  • At y~1100 you enter the space travel UI. Click Overworld twice, then click on the circling moon

Immediate Arrival

  • Slow descent rate to at most -20 m/s
  • Retrieve launchpads and rocket from lander
  • Build oxygen base and mob-proof



  • Moon Turf, Moon Dirt, Moon Rock, for the HV and Space Race tab quests. Don't worry about centrifuging these, as Tungstate can come from End Stone and others are ores or ore byproducts already found in dimensions you've discovered.
  • Meteoric Iron. Only appears in small ores, required for T2 Rocket, Thermal Padding Armor, and better oxygen tanks.
  • Bauxite/Aluminium/Ilmenite veins. Bauxite and Ilmenite give titanium, so prioritize this. Best Ilmenite rates.
  • Ilmenite/Chromite/Uvarorite/Perlite veins. Mostly for the chromite.
  • Bastanite/Monazite/Neodymium veins. Bastanite gives flourine, Neodymium gives neodymium (which can also be found from rare earth). Lower priority.

Moon Dungeon

  • Clear two for two schematics; crafting table can swap them between Moon Buggy and T2 Rocket
  • Submit 1 Moon Dungeon Brick for the "Moon Dungeon" and "A Reward" quests. Moon Dungeon Bricks can be scanned by the Thaumometer.