OV Scanner

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Green and aqua text on a black background, listing variable quantities of Lapis, Sodalite and Lazurite ores in crushed, dust and block form.

OV Scanner is a prospecting tool from IndustrialCraft2 that will scan the area nearby for resources and print a list of up to ten of the most abundant Ores within a twelve block radius of the player in all directions (25x25x25 cube). Both naturally spawned and player-placed ores are detected. Each scan costs 250 EU, and the scanner can be recharged in any MV-tier machine. With a capacity of 1M EU and no durability loss, it's unlikely to ever run out over the course of a manual prospecting session.

As a short-range prospecting tool that does not register ore veins on a player's JourneyMap overlay, the OV Scanner is best used in conjunction with the Ore Finder Wand, which has a deeper but more localized area of effect and can register veins.

Due to its crafting cost including a Lapotron Crystal and EV Circuits, most players have a Seismic Prospector or Prospector's Scanner long before they can make this tool and have already outgrown its utility. In versions 2.3.x and below, OV Scanners are a potential reward from Lootgames, along with the more limited OD Scanner which is similar but with only half the range.

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