Data Bank

From GT New Horizons

The Data Bank is a multiblock that is used to supply an Assembly Line with an increased amount of Data Sticks so it is basically a must when progressing through the higher tiers, as every component has its own Data Stick. One Data Bank can hold up to 224 Data Sticks, however the number decreases with the number of Assembly Lines you connect.


Follow the construction guidelines of the Multiblock Structure Hologram Projector. You can place your Energy Hatch and Maintenance Hatch in the front by replacing a High Power Casing with it. The back, bottom and top Computer Casings can be replaced by either Data Access Hatches or Data Bank Master Connectors.


The Data Access Hatches are used to store your Data Sticks. The Data Bank Master Connectors are used to connect the Data Bank to one or more Assembly Lines that provide an Assembly Line Slave Connector. One Data Bank Master Connector can only be connected to one Assembly Line. The Data Bank Master Connector, The Assembly Line Slave Connector and the Optical Fiber Cable connecting them need to be colored in the same color.

The Data Bank consumes (1 + [Number of Data Access Hatches] * [Number of Data Bank Master Connectors]) Amps at 2.048 V, so 116.736 EU/t at max.

Data Banks can be chained together, if you run out of space for Data Sticks/Assembly Lines. For example: you setup one Data Bank to hold all your Data Sticks and then chain it with another that has many Data Bank Master Connectors. Chains can be done multiple times and the data flows downstream. Use a Data Bank Master Connector and an Assembly line Slave Connector to chain them.