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The Parametrizer is used to configure TecTech multiblocks. You can see if a machine has parameters that can be configured, if the controller GUI has some of the little squares filled with color. Currently there are three types of parametrizer, which get increasingly more accurate. Machines that can currently be parametrized are:


The most basic variant of the Parametrizers. With this variant you can increase or decrease both values by themselves (steps are 1, 16, 256, 4096) and divide or multiply both values at the same time (by 2, 16, 256, 4096). To actually edit a value you first need to select the parameter-index. Valid indexes are 0 to 9. When first placed the Parametrizer is set to the index -1 to not accidently mess with your machine. In the picture you can see which button does what, and what the values stand for. To give a real world example the Quantum computer (at index 0), has the values heat and computation and the parameters overvolt and overclock.

Parametrizer X

The upgraded variant of the Parametrizers. This variant is arguably the most confusing to first work with, but can be set more precise than the basic Parametrizer. The principle of this one is to assemble a Double value by doing bit manipulation. You probably need to search for a bits to double converter online, after that you basically just set the bits that represent your desired double value.

The bits are set by navigating through them with the pointer. Pointer position 0 to 3f are the 64 bit of the first parameter, while pointer position 100 to 13f are the 64 bit of the second parameter.

In the picture you can see which button belongs to which parameter. In reality these buttons navigate the pointer through the bits of the paramter that they belong to. When the pointer is at the bit you want to manipulate you can click on S to set the bit, C to clear the bit, T to toggle the bit. The button 1/F is a bit more special. It sets both parameters to the values that are at this index.

Parametrizer tXt

The highest tier of the Parametrizers. With this one you just need to select your parameter-index (as before, valid range is 0 to 9) and type in your value directly, no need to mess with any buttons (Except the index buttons of course)! Like before the values at the selected index are also displayed, below the parameters.

Parametrizer Memory Card

The Parametrizer Memory Card can be used to copy setting from one Parametrizer to another. Though it will only copy the values at the current index of the Parametrizer. You can copy values between different tiers of Parametrizers too. The card has two modes, between which you can toggle by sneak-rightclicking. When the tooltip reads 'Stores Parameters' a rightclick will copy the current input values of the parametrizer, you can then see the values in the tooltip of the card. If you then Toggle to 'Configure Parametrizer' you can rightclick a Parametrizer to load the stored settings.