Active Transformer

From GT New Horizons

The TecTech Active Transformer is a multiblock that converts from one voltage tier to another with virtually no loss (0.004% – as a fraction, 1/2500), unlike GT5U Transformers. It is also the go to the rotate laser lines as they can't be bend by themselves.


Follow the construction guidelines of the Multiblock Structure Hologram Projector. Apart from the controller you need a Superconducting Coil Block and up to 25 High Power Casings. Any High Power Casing can be replaced with any Energy, Dynamo, Laser Source or Laser Target Hatch.


  • Be sure to turn off Power Pass if you want to edit your setup and you don't want anything to explode.
  • Be aware that if any machine near the Active Transformer explodes it can lead to a chain reaction when damaging the Active Transformer, making it explode too.
  • The multiblock doesn't need a Maintenance Hatch, only the I/O Hatches.
  • Since the Active Transformer is usually used with lasers, more information can be found here.