Network Switch With QoS

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A not so simple network switch capable of distributing quantum computation. Allows to route computation more precisely to suit your needs. Optimally you can have one Quantum Computer farm, feeding to switches, feeding to multiple machines.[1]



It can accept multiple Master and Slave Hatches. The ratio of distribution is calculated based on weights set as parameters. Hatches are assigned to parameters based on their id which u can get by scanning them.[2]

The parameters have ID's A:B:I and are labeled Destination A and Weight A. A represents the group of parameters. B is whether the parameter is the Destination B=0 or the Weight B=1. To do a 50,50 ratio set the parameters according to the table. The parameters allow for up to ten output to be set.

Parameter ID Label Value
0:0:I Destination 0 1
0:1:I Weight 0 0.5
1:0:I Destination 1 1
1:1:I Weight 1 0.5