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The Tesla tower is a machine that is used to wirelessly transmit power to machines. It can transmit up to ZPM voltage. It has a loss of 1 EU/block/ampere while doing so.


After the main construct has been build, you need to add a Maintenance hatch, an appropriate Energy hatch (TT ones work) and at least one Capacitor hatch. Optional you can add a Parametrizer to mess with the configuration of the Tesla tower. The used Primary Tesla Windings determine the maximum voltage of the Tesla Tower. Having coils one tier higher than the used Capacitors also results in +25% range.


To use the Tesla tower the Capacitor hatch has to be filled with Tesla Capacitors. The Capacitors determine the transmitted voltage and amperes. Per Capacitor the Tesla tower can transmit 1A. The range of the Tesla tower can be set using the Parametrizer. Supplying the Tesla tower with plasma will increase the range. Valid plasmas are:

  • Helium (100 L/t) multiplies range by 2
  • Nitrogen (50 L/t) multiplies range by 2
  • Radon (50 L/t) multiplies range by 4

The Tesla tower will transmit electricity to Tesla transceivers, which can be filled with batteries, or Tesla coil covers, that can be installed on a machine.

Warning! The Tesla tower will output only one tier type of amp such as EV, IV etc. When upgrading the Primary Tesla Windings please make sure to check all of your coil covers and transceivers in the base can handle the upgraded power. Failure to do so will result in a machine explosion.

Parametrizing the Tesla tower

Following parameters of the Tesla tower can be configured:

  • Hysteresis low: Specifies the low value of the hysteresis used for power pass
  • Hysteresis high: Specifies the high value of the hysteresis used for power pass
  • Transfer radius: Specifices the maximum range of the Tesla tower
  • Transceiver radius: Specifices the radius in which Tesla transceivers are supplied
  • Cover radius: Specifices the radius in which Tesla coil covers are supplied
  • Voltage: Output voltage
  • Current: Output current
  • Scan time: Scan time of the tesla tower
  • Overdrive: If enabled the Tesla tower can output double the voltage and consumption will increase by 25%