Buck Converter

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Buck Converter GUI. The buttons allow adjustment of the output EU/t, tier (EU/t presets) and amperage.

TechTech Buck Converters are a special kind of singleblock step-down transformers with variable output available starting with IV. They can accept an of their tier voltage and output power at a freely configurable voltage and amperage. It can step down the input voltage by several tiers in a single step this way. This is most useful in powering machines of lower voltage without needing to use otherwise lengthy chains of transformers.

Buck Converters accept input from the back face only and output it on the left, right, top and bottom faces. This is signified by the input face having a non-filled texture, whereas the output faces have filled textures. On the image above the lower left face is the back face, which is the input. The other faces are outputs. This visible distinction between faces is only applied after the machines GUI has been opened once.