Rare Items

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Rare Items is a catch-all category for desirable resources and blocks that either have alternate acquisition methods to a later game recipe or no obvious path to acquire from NEI. Most also have a direct crafting recipe which will not be listed here, as they're viewable in-game.

Brewing Stand

  • Lootgames, level 4 chests, random chance
  • Roguelike Dungeons BTeam secret room, level 2, random chance
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion Dungeon Towers in The End dimension, random chance
  • Dark Tower in the Twilight Forest, dispensery room, random chance


  • Change Biome to Ominous Woods, bonemeal the ground.
    • Used to make Botania's Spectrolus, Tangleberrie and Clayconia flowers.

Dezil's Marshmallow

Division Sigil

Dragon Egg

  • Can be picked up with Shift-left-click from most weapons
    • Shovels, Picks and Axes do not work! Having an Attack Damage rating is not enough
    • Dragon Eggs cannot be collected with the vanilla piston/torch trick


  • Flowers, which can be generated from any bee with the Flower Type: Flowers trait.
  • Botania flowers, which can be force-grown from planted petals & bone meal
  • Rainbow Cacti from Thaumic Bases, which makes vanilla dyes other than black, white and blue.

Enchanting Table

  • Lootgames, level 4 chests, random chance
  • Roguelike Dungeons Wizard Tower secret room, level 1, random chance
  • Hardcore Ender Expansion Dungeon Towers in The End dimension, random chance

Eye of Ender

Koboldite / Pentacle

  • The Witchery dust version is produced by Hobgoblins
  • Trading Koboldite Dust + Gold with a Hobgoblin near a wooden door can give Koboldite nuggets
  • Trading nuggets and emeralds with a Hobgoblin gives Koboldite Ingots for the Pentacle

Mana Bean

Mending Moss

  • Lootgames, level 4 chests, random chance
  • For Moss (BoP) the crafting ingredient, look for it growing on trees in Shield, Bayou, Wetland, Fungi Forest or Temperate Rainforest biomes.

Nether Star

Oblivion Frame

Potion Flask (Flight)

  • Any OpenBlocks trophy will work in the recipe, not just Chicken.
  • Does not break when all eight charges are consumed
  • Can be repaired in the Thaumic Restorer

Steadfast Bee

  • Stronghold chests, random chance
  • Bee Advanced lootbag, random chance
  • 3% drop rate from Infernal Hives, 9% drop rate from Oblivion Hives

Vanilla Ores

  • 1-2 Lapis and occasionally a Diamond Ore can spawn in abyssal stone geodes from Railcraft, deep underground.
  • Stacks of GT Ores can be traded for vanilla ores (or IC2 Copper/Tin/Lead/Uranium) in the Quest Book, Coins Coins Coins tab
  • Vanilla ores can be mined in the End, on Burning Mountain Islands from Hardcore Ender Expansion
  • Twilight Forest's Hollow Hills contain a mix of most vanilla ores.