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Unwanted trash items are an inevitability. Whether it's an excess byproduct of a processing chain or a surplus of mined rock, excess items have to be dealt with. GT:NH has multiple options for disposing of trash, some of which yield useful products of their own. The first consideration should be if the item's actually trash or not. Many resources have no uses in the early tiers but become more valuable later on, and vice versa. Unless certain an item is of no value, it's recommended to keep stockpiles of materials in chests, storage drawers or barrels.

Method Type Instant Byproduct Portable Filter
Alchemical Furnace Items x x x
Destructopack Items x x
Recycler Items x x x
Super Tank Fluids [1] x x
Trash Can Items x x
Trash Can (Fluids) Fluids x x
Void Chest Items x x x x
Void Jar Essentia [2] x x
Void ME Storage Cell Items x x
Void Stone Items x x
Void Fluid Pipe Fluids x x x x
Void Transport Pipe Items x x x x
Void upgrade (JABBA) Items [2] x x
Void Upgrade (Storage Drawers) Items [2] x x
Voiding Drop Filter Items x
Voidlinked Bag Items x
  1. Super Tanks can void all fluids or void only if full.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Voids only when current inventory space is full.

Portable Trash


A silvery metal sphere with black lines along all four cardinal directions. The middle is a glowing red-yellow orb like lava.

The Destructopack from Bartworks/Gregtech 4 is a portable version of Extra Utilities Trash Can, though it lacks filtering options. Its GUI is accessed with right-click and items can be dropped into the single slot or Shift-clicked/dragged to move multiple stacks. Any item given to the Destructopack is instantly deleted.

Void Stone

A purple circular icon with swirling texture like a Nether Portal.

Similar to the Trash Can and Destructopack, the Void Stone from RandomThings is a portable one-slot GUI that instantly deletes any item given to it. Open the interface with right-click. Multiple items or stacks can be Shift-clicked/dragged for faster inventory clearing.

Voiding Drop Filter

A brown gridded square with a dark purple swirly background, like a Nether Portal.

The Voiding Drop Filter is the upgraded cousin of the Drop Filter, both from RandomThings. Like the Voidlinked Bag, it has an internal filter and requires an Item Filter (RandomThings) to function. The Item Filter only has nine slots, but can whitelist/blacklist, and filter or ignore metadata and ore dictionary tags. Unlike Extra Utilities' Item Filters, Random Things version cannot be nested.

Voidlinked Bag

A black sack icon with a ruffled top, with a dark purple-blue circle on the front.

The Voidlinked Bag is Witching Gadgets' version of the Voiding Drop Filter. Right-clicking with the bag opens a GUI with eighteen slots. Any item placed in this interface from the inventory or NEI leaves behind a ghost item, left-click on items to remove them. While carried in the player's inventory or hotbar any items registered in the Voidlinked Bag's GUI will be deleted on pickup. This does not affect items that are manually moved into the player's inventory from other locations nor taking items out of Storage Drawers. It does delete items retrieved from JABBA barrels.

Command/GUI Trash

NEI's Utility Mode has a Delete function which will trash items. When active, any item clicked on will be instantly deleted. Shift-click on an item deletes every stack of it, shift-click on the Delete button clears the player's entire inventory. Use extreme caution with this function, as its designed for Creative mode.

ServerUtilities has a trash can feature similar to Destructopack / Void Stone / Trash Cans. It can be invoked with the Trash Can GUI button or by an assigned keybind. ServerUtilities is not a default part of GT:NH and must be installed separately.

Trashing Blocks

These are placeable stationary ways of dealing with trash items. The vanilla equivalent of cactus or lava also works of course, but modded versions come with less danger to the player themselves and easier automation for logistics.

Void Chest

A dark purple-black chest with a silver lock, textured like obsidian.

Railcraft's Void Chest is a placeable inventory block that deletes any stack of items inside at the rate of once a second. Like a standard chest it cannot be opened if there's a solid full block above and it has the same inventory size. Given the Trash Can used in its recipe already voids items and it has no filtering, there's little reason to use it unless a delay for deleting many stacks is useful. It's part of the Void upgrade for JABBA Barrels.

Super Tank

Super Tanks can be used to void fluids, either any and all like a Trash Can (Fluids), their specifically locked fluid, or only overflow amounts.

Void Jar

A 3D rectangular jar with pale blue glass and a black-purple lid. There are runes around the bottom edge of the glass.

Void Jars from Thaumcraft are trash options purely for Essentia. They function as a standard 64 capacity Warded Jar until full, at which point they will void any excess Essentia put into them. Like normal jars they can be labelled and have minimal priority on an Essentia Pipe network. KekzTech adds a larger version with the Ichor Void Jar with a capacity of 4096.

Trash Cans

Five icons; three trash cans in dark grey, dark blue and dark red. Two wooden frames with mesh screens, the first with red corners and the last with blue corners

Extra Utilities offers three placeable trash can items; Trash Can for items, Trash Can (Fluids) for liquids/gasses, and Trash Can (Energy) for power. The latter is uncraftable and used mainly for Creative Testing purposes. Any items placed in a Trash Can are immediately deleted except Item Filters or Advanced Item Filters from Extra Utilities. An Item Filter (Extra Utilities) can be configured to restrict Trash Cans to only void specific items by default. It has three crafting recipes that change behaviors to inverted (trash everything except what's filtered), Ignores NBT, and Ignores Metadata. Can be combined with Advanced Item Filters for complex logic. A Trash Can fitted with an Item Filter cannot be used to manually throw anything away as its single slot will be full, but will still accept items via logistics.

Storage Drawers

Icon of a wooden cube with two horizontal drawers and a purple eight pointed starburst in the upper right hand corner.

Storage Drawers has the Void Upgrade which can be applied to any of its storage blocks with right-click, or Shift-right-click with an empty hand to access the drawer's GUI. Any items which exceed the drawer's current capacity will be deleted if inserted. The drawer will continue to accept items, even when full. Void Upgraded drawers otherwise work as normal storage blocks. Manually dumping items with right-click-hold on the drawer or on the controller it is attached to will also delete any items in excess of its capacity. Adding more than one Void Upgrade per drawer does nothing. Void upgraded drawers have a purple galaxy swirl in their upper right hand corners with a white outline.

JABBA Barrels

A dark brown frame with a black background. A white swirly shape with five asymmetrical arms fills most of the black square.

JABBA has a similar upgrade to Storage Drawer's, also called Void upgrade. It costs two slots from Structural upgrades to install, and will show up as a small black square with a white swirl in the bottom left corner of the barrel face when upgrades or a JABBA hammer is held. Unlike drawers, upgrade markers are hidden otherwise and are more expensive requiring four pistons and a Void Chest.

Void Pipes

Tall rectangular prism with two glass sections and a purple square wrapped around the middle, decorated with concentric squares alternating purple and black.
A tall rectangular prism in dark green with black edges. Three squares on each side are decorated with black and purple cross shapes.

There are two BuildCraft trash handling pipes, Void Transport Pipe and Void Fluid Pipe. The former handles items, the latter, fluids. Neither is very efficient as they require items/fluids to physically travel along a pipe network rather than the instant deletion most block based solutions to trash offer. They have niche uses where BC Transport pipes are already in play, perhaps in a Bee sorting system, or as a slightly more affordable Trash Can (Fluids) that doesn't require the Assembler for early Coke Oven creosote voiding.

Void ME Storage Cell

A diamond shaped flat black box with grey borders and a single green light near the bottom right corner.

The Void ME Storage Cell for Applied Energistics 2 will void any and all items that attempt to store onto it. It has no storage bytes or type capacity due to being a null point. Great care should be taken if attaching one of these to an existing ME network, and partitioning a virtual necessity. Can accept Fuzzy Card, Inverter Card, Oredictionary Filter Card or Sticky Card using a Cell Workbench. Only voids items, not fluids.


A grey-blue single block machine with glass window and gauge on the sides, green recycling symbol on the top.

Recyclers take unwanted items and have a percentage chance of yielding scrap, which can be turned into Scrap Boxes for UU-Matter production or a very poor chance at a useful item. It has an extensive blacklist that bans very common byproducts of mining / EEC use and fractional items. It can still be a usable dumping ground for the byproducts of processing lines that are otherwise unwanted, though its utility declines versus the better UUM production options of IC2 Crops.

Alchemical Furnace

A grey cobblestone textured machine block with furnace grates on the vertical sides and a large black hole on the top.

The Alchemical Furnace from Thaumcraft is the second option for dumping unwanted items and getting a useful resource in return. Any item with aspects can be melted down with fuel into liquid essentia. This can be used for Infusion Crafting and certain types can power the Large Essentia Generator.