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No Page Exists

  • Nutrition new in 2.4.0
  • Category:GT_Tools All GT tools, possibly splitting up GT Tools.
  • Galacticraft Oxygen setups, how to produce oxygen in space and what the player should bring with them. (probably in the form of a guide/tutorial, and include pictures)
  • Cleanup / updating of many articles in Category:Guides
  • All Multiblock Machines from GregTech and now GT++
  • Category:Multiblocks All GT and GT++ multiblocks that don't have their own page yet.
  • Generators
  • Transportation - Faster ways of getting around, that aren't teleport-y.
    • Teleportation - All the ways of getting from Point A to Point B, instantly or near instantly. info here
    • Flight - all the things that let you glide or fly, organized by tier they become available, various pros/cons (such as wings requiring Mantle of the Raven to not die.) Glider/Copterpack/Coal Jetpack/Electric Jetpack/GraviChestPlate/Thaumic Harness/etc.
  • Fluid Storage Same as above, but for fluids. BC Tanks, Seared Tanks, RC Multiblock tanks, GT Tanks/Supertanks, Adventure Backpack with Hose, ye humble bucket, milk/terrawart to clear supertank debuffs & auto-pickup w/backpack, etc. Things that can pick up/place fluids.
  • Automated Crafting Overview - Crafting Station w/inventory, Worktables, EnderIO Inventory Panel, Logistic Pipes, Project Red Transport and of course AE2. All but the first two probably need their own in-depth page/guide as well if it doesn't exist yet.
  • Repairs - Mending Moss, how to fix TiCon tools, Thaumic Restorer, Void Putty, Thaum & Void Anvils (Void caps level cost of repairs), Repair enchantment (Thaum stuff only), Energy Infuser (req.UU-Matter), Life Infuser (Blood Magic), any others.
  • Enchanting, including Enchanter, Vanilla Enchanting Table, Magic Wood, Typesetting Table/Printing Press, etc.
  • Cosmetic Blocks (better name?) - The various mods and tools for making things look good. ArchitectureCraft, Chisel, Carpenter's Blocks, ZTones, Botany, etc. Toss in some base design principles if you feel like it.
  • Automated Farming - sub-pages, link to here
  • Trawling tips-and-tricks for useful info, and finding or making a page to slot it into.
  • Spawn Prevention - base lighting, Chandelier, Magnum Torch, blocks that mobs can't spawn on, Aversion Obelisk, Monster Repellators, etc.
  • Recycling - Turning unwanted items back into usable materials. Forge Hammer, Arc Furnace, Pulverizer, Fluid Extractor, etc. Disassemblers depreciated.
  • Long Distance Fluid Pipe Setup & trouble shooting, good uses for, limitations of. Possibly as part of a bigger page on transporting items/fluids? Dimensional Transcievers, Ender Chests, Ender Tanks, etc.
  • AE2 Best Practices Good network design, how to encode patterns properly, cable / P2P management, et. al. (don't make all your patterns with substitutions kids, or it'll take 9,000 years for the system to calculate late game stuff.) Do not use Backbone Cable, ever, because it can potentially corrupt the entire save.
  • Experience - ways of getting it (mob farms, XP berries), ways of storing it (drain/tank, XP obelisk, others?) things you can do with it (inc. the various XP bucket trades).
  • Warp from Thaumcraft. Both warp effects and ways of mitigating/removing warp, esp. the pack exclusive stuff.
  • Logistics - probably too big a category, but stuff like:
    • Distribution - how to split fluids/items to multiple outputs. Round Robinators, Item Distributors, Item Conduits on Round Robin, etc.
  • Water - which blocks/machines can make water, and those that are decoys (like Pam's Sink). RC Water Tank, Ender IO Reservoir (HV), Reservoir (EV), Reservoir Hatch. Thaumcraft/Botania options? Others?
  • Personal Dimension - customizing, limitations of, issues with, benefits of the various configurations, etc. Include either a link or copy of Commands_and_Configurations#Personal_Space.
  • Color - how to apply color to cables, machines (and waterbucket to get rid of color), how to color AE2 cables, the standard color conventions for the various tiers. The dye options in the pack and how to bulk obtain the easiest ones. etc.

Needs more Info/Updating/Images

    • Biome Alteration - ways of changing biomes. Arcane Terrestrial Reformer (Witching Gadgets), Ritual & Brew of Shifting Seasons (Witchery), Ritual of Gaia’s Transformation (Blood Magic), any others. Maybe a subsection of Biome?
  • Logistics Pipes needs images and finishing.

WIPs / Claimed Projects

  • Explosions - things that go boom, and why. how to check the explosion.log to find out what blew up.
  • Item Storage Overview of what storage options are in this pack, any quirks (like Compressed Chest keeps contents when broken and doesn't play nice with Crafting Station, Drawer Controller has # chests and range nerfed), what things can be moved with Dollies, any special traits like blast resistant, benefits of JABBA barrels vs Storage Drawers... possibly Portable Storage as well, either as its own page or a subsection - backpacks and other types of storage that can be carried by the player.
  • GT Pipes/Covers - Can find most info about this here [1] (and more info in link above) [2] [3]. Information about use of covers and pipes is being worked on at GT Interface and GT Logistics, as of 2023/05/19 (yyyy/mm/dd).
  • A basic style guide, or a link to what sort of format/style is expected on the wiki for novice writers. WIP HERE
  • Biome Needs screenshots of all GT:NH biomes, and external links when possible to relevant wiki pages like BoP. working on it Embri (talk) 22:30, 1 October 2023 (UTC)

- Thanks to everyone who helps!