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Starting Tips

GTNH relies heavily on the Better Questing questbook with more than 3000 quests. You can theoretically play the pack completely without doing the quests, but this only feasible if you already know the pack well. The quests not only guide you through the progression, but also explain various machines and mechanics and give you hints on cool things to explore at your stage in the game. If you don't understand a mechanic or don't know how to procede, the questbook should be the first place to look! Oh, and you also get cool rewards.

You can open the questbook either through the item you got at the start or, much easier, through a hotkey. You find this in the Controls menu under "Open Quests", also make sure there are no conflicts on the key you choose or it might not work.


Example for a main (bottom) and optional quest (top)

You don't need to complete every quest to progress. Some quests are marked as main, those mark the progression path and you will need to complete those to unlock new tabs and generally progress in the book. You can recognize them by the pointy corners. Main quests are also connected with thick lines. You will find information on various topics and explanations on the game mechanics there, so be sure to read them. The secondary quests are optional and provide you with ideas on what to do at your current stage or useful machines and items to craft. You don't need to complete those, but they are nice to have.

As you progress, you will unlock new tabs for the GregTech power tiers, tabs for specific mods and tabs with a shared topic for things which don't necessarily all belong to the same mod, but have something in common nonetheless.

Completing Quests

When you open a quest you will see the required actions on the right. This can have several steps you can swap between using the arrows. You need to complete every step, so be sure not to skip anything. Some quests ask you to check in the ingredients before you are supposed to craft the final product. Most quests contain a Retrieval Task. To complete those, you just need to have the required items in your inventory for it to complete. You can also click the Detect button if it doesn't refresh automatically. The Optional Tasks are there to guide you. Especially at the start, there are a lot of Crafting Tasks. Those require you to actually craft the item in question, it is not sufficient to simply have it in your inventory. Finally, there are Consume Tasks, which will take the items requested, deleting them permanently. Click the Detect/Submit button to give consume items to the Quest Book. The required totals will be updated; the full amount of items does not need to be submitted all at once.


Most quests will reward you either items related to the theme of the quest or a lootbag, often you will have to choose. The lootbags will give you random things more or less relevant in your current tier or trash. You can disable the trash by enchanting the bag with Fortune 3, but this isn't really viable before you can dupe the books with BiblioCraft and even then it is very expensive and often not worth it. Additionally, you will get coins. Those can be used in the "Coins, Coins, Coins" tab of the quest book to buy various rewards. Those can save you some tedious crafting or provide you with new options. Some things to look out for are the ore berries, that can be planted on crop sticks for renewable basic metals, and ore samples for your ore finder wand for all the ores RNG doesn't want you to find.


Green boxes with icons connected with lines in a web. The center square has an Electric Blast Furnace Controller block and a grey button saying "Share to Chat".
Right-click to share a quest.

Your team can join together in a questing party to share the quest progression. BetterQuesting does not sync properly over LAN, so groups need to have a server to connect to. Every quest can only be claimed once. It is still more fun to play in a party, since a lot of effort is otherwise required to sync up your quests manually and do all the crafting quests once per member. See this as a balance thing, your team will have to cope with. If you persuade someone to join you in this trip to hell, cough, I mean adventure, after you already started, they can still join your party. They will have to complete all the retrieval tasks again though, until they are in sync with the rest of the team. Crafting tasks will automatically complete for them.

Right-click on a Quest to get a "Share to Chat" button. Press to print a clickable link in chat any player can use to quickly access the quest from.

Additional Features

If you are unsure how to get to a certain goal, you can activate "view mode" on the left side of questing panel to look ahead and see all the quests. The questbook has a search button on the bottom left. It can search not just for quest names but also the items involved and is very useful in finding explanations on a specific topic. A small number of quests are secret. They will only show once you do something specific or obtain a certain item. Not even view mode will show these.

Certain quest points may be skipped over automatically if the player triggers a special condition, usually by crafting a stack of a certain resource such as Titanium or Tungstensteel. This can be used to bypass quests for Challenge Runs, such as No Rockets.

Admin Stuff

A large web of icons inside squares on a black background, connected with green lines. The light grey panel on the right has many grey buttons for various quest editing features.
Editing the Quest Book.

Sometimes a quest simply refuses to complete despite fulfilling its requirements. First check it's not a Crafting Task, which requires the item to be actually made not just held, nor a Submit Task which needs to be handed in with the Detect/Submit button manually. If you need help, go to Discord and ask. If you are sure it is a bug, go to github and report, if it hasn't been reported yet. In the meantime, you can complete the quest for yourself using commands. You will need to be OP for this on a server or have cheats enabled in single player. Alternatively in SP, Open to LAN and close again afterwards if Cheats are not enabled by default.

  • v.2.3.0 or earlier: Show Quest ID's by enabling extended tooltips -> F3 + H
    • Hover over the quest icon to view the ID; it's at the end of the title after a # symbol.
  • v.2.3.1+: Right-click the quest and choose "Copy Quest ID".
  • Use command /bq_admin complete [Quest_ID] [player_name]. Replace [Quest_ID] with the number from the quest book, and [player_name] with the player's name who should have the quest completed.

If multiple quests need to be registered as complete, use this method.

A group of grey interface buttons with white icons. The highlighted button is pale blue with small white squares, and the text "Designer" next to it.
Designer mode.
  • Command /bq_admin edit to toggle editor mode ON.
  • Open the Quest Book, click on Quests from the left panel and then a Quest Line.
  • In the lower left corner, click on the "Designer" button (small square dots), above the magnifying glass.
  • A new panel should appear on the right. Click on the button with a square checkbox icon (Manual Complete).
  • Click on each quest that should be complete once. Clicking twice will mark the rewards as claimed.
    • The two rotating arrows button (Manual Reset) can change a quest back to its default state if required.
  • When finished, click "Done" at the bottom center.
  • Command /bq_admin edit to toggle editor mode OFF.

Remember to make backups from time to time, especially before you update or edit the Quest Book. The relevant files are in /saves/your_worldname/betterquesting/, with progress in the QuestProgress folder's .json file. Modpack updates often expand the Quest Book or fix quest related issues. Prior to 2.4.0, it was necessary to do /bq_admin default load once after an update to refresh your quest database. This is no longer needed and done automatically.

Trigger Quests


Spoilers Ahead

The following section is considered spoilers, as it involves hidden quests that are meant to be a surprise or bypass regular checkpoint quests. Reader discretion is advised.
List of Hidden Quests
Hidden: Loot Games
-> Discover a Lootgames Dungeon and pick up any dungeon block.
Hidden: Ball Thing
-> Find or craft a Lightning Summoner from Electro-Magic Tools
Hidden: Mjolnir
-> Find a Broken Relic of Mjolnir from Electro-Magic Tools.
Hidden: Flippers
Find a set of Flippers from Biomes o' Plenty.
Hidden: Ring
-> Find The One Ring from Electro-Magic Tools.
Hidden: Life
Unlocks the Life Canister Trade Quest after killing the Wither.
Trigger: Epoxid Skip
-> Have two stacks (128) Epoxid Sheet.
Trigger: Naquadah Line Skip
-> Hold a stack (64) of Naquadah Dust. Bypasses the "Almost Success" LuV quest.
Trigger: Sunnarium Skip
-> Hold a Sunnarium Dust, or Sunnarium / Sunnarium Piece from Advanced Solar Panels
Trigger: Polybenzimidazole Skip
-> Hold four stacks (256) Polybenzimidazole Plates. Bypasses the "Polybenzimidazole, Finally!" IV quest.
Trigger: Polytetrafluoroethylene Skip
-> Hold two stacks (128) Polytetrafluoroethylene Sheets. Bypasses the "Polytetrafluoroethylene" HV quest.
Trigger: Platline Iridium Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Iridium Dust. Bypasses the "Iridium" IV quest.
Trigger: Platline Osmium Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Osmium Dust. Bypasses the "Osmium" IV quest.
Trigger: Platline Platinum Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Platinum Dust. Bypasses the "Platinum Processing, Step 4" EV quest.
Trigger: Platline Palladium Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Palladium Dust. Bypasses the "Palladium" IV quest.
Trigger: Platline Rhodium Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Rhodium Dust. Bypasses the "Rhodium" IV quest.
Trigger: Platline Ruthenium Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Ruthenium Dust. Bypasses the "Ruthenium" IV quest.
Trigger: Polystyrene Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Polystyrene Sheet. Bypasses the "Polystyrene" HV quest.
Trigger: SMD Transistor Skip
-> Hold sixteen (16) SMD Transistors. Bypasses the "Transistor" MV quest.
Trigger: Silicone Rubber Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Silicone Rubber Sheets. Bypasses the "Silicone Rubber Sheet" HV quest.
Trigger: Titanium Moon Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Titanium Ingots. Bypasses the "Titanium, Finally" HV quest.
Trigger: Tungstensteel Mars Skip
-> Hold one stack (64) Tungstensteel Ingots. Bypasses the "Tungstensteel" EV quest.


Problem Cause
Consume Quest won't complete Consume quests take the items (destroyed) so there is a manual submit button, rather than automatic detection.
Tool quest won't complete If the tool takes power, make sure it's charged.
Crafting Task won't complete Crafting tasks require the item to be made by the player, not just found. If the task wasn't unlocked at the time of crafting, it also won't count.
Optional Task won't complete If the quest is already done (usually the last step or task), optional tasks won't be counted anymore. They will not affect progress or ability to claim rewards.