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Heads Up!

The official servers are currently closed to new applications. No estimate has been given for applications reopening, due to max capacity and performance concerns.

Are you interested in joining our official servers? This page contains all of the information you'll need: how to apply to the servers, the server rules, and some information concerning the servers once you're there.

Applying for the servers

Before being whitelisted on the official servers, you'll have to apply for it. It is nothing complicated, you'll just need to follow those steps:

  1. Send a message to boubou_21#1263. It should be a bot user with a purple name. Any random message so the bot triggers.
  2. Follow the instructions of the bot. Make sure what you enter is correct, especially your MineCraft name, as it will be the one whitelisted. Also, the bot has a timeout to avoid waiting answers forever, so if you take too long, you might have to restart again.
  3. Once the application is made, it is sent in a specific channel to the whole team. From there, you have to wait AT LEAST 24H before asking an update on your application (the time is written on the applications so we know when it was done). If you ask for an update within the first 24h, that increases your chances to be put on the bottom of the pile.
  4. Once it's processed, you either receive an answer from boubou_21 saying you were whitelisted, or saying you were rejected with the reason why. If you are rejected, don't panick, just make a new one with the appropriate corrections and send it again.

Note: If you are done with your application but you see a mistake in it, just send a message to boubou_19#2706 directly on discord saying you made a mistake in it, no need to wait 24h.

Note 2: It is very rare, but it can happen that despite being whitelisted, you cannot join the server. This is because the server managed to reboot at the same time as your application got approved. In that case, contact a staff member to fix this.

Server Rules

While you're on the server you'll be expected to follow the server's rules. These rules can also be found on our Discord (

official server rules (Delta, Epsilon , Eta and Zeta):

  1. Do not steal/grief, even if unclaimed.Do not take stuff you don't own without the consent of the owner, even if it looks abandoned/unclaimed. Breaking this rule will get you a permaban.
  2. Be nice to the others.Staff reserves the right to punish this on a case by case basis given the subjective nature of such a rule. Due to too much player incivilities, if a staff member catch you leaving intentionally items on the ground, you'll be temporarily banned for 7 days on all the officials. Items on the ground are laggy, if you want to get rid of it, use a fire/lava/trash or any way to destruct items instead of throwing them on the ground.
  3. Do not lag the server on purpose! If you think yours or someone else's base is laggy, ask a member of staff to audit it.If a staff ask you to modify or remove your setup, you must comply, or the staff reserves the right to remove the laggy setup WITHOUT REFUND. In extreme cases bases may be altered without warning but we will leave a sign notifying the user of what happened.
  4. PvP is not allowed unless you have the consent of the others, this includes Witchery abuse (cursing, giving vampirism or lycanthropy, etc).
  5. No hacked clients.No external mods that give you an advantage over other players (This includes x-ray). If you wish to cheat, go to single player.
  6. No duping.This severely disrupts the servers economy and will be heavily punished.
  7. Things to avoid (This is subject to change as more items are discovered):
    • Do not play with an unclaimed base/base with explosion flag set to false. No rollback if your base blow up in that case
    • Do not upgrade your backpack from the "Backpack" mod if it's not empty, otherwise you'll lose your stuff.
    • Do not move AE cells in bulk (inventory or dolly) it will corrupt your playerprofile.
    • Use fluid AE at your very own risk! it's known to be laggy, and lag-free alternatives do exist. If lag from fluid AE is observed, operators will ask you to remove your fluid AE setups.
    • Do not nest dollies, compressed chests or generally any NBT heavy items. This will corrupt the chunk and require a reset/rollback.
    • Encase your nuclear reactor properly, no rollbacks will be provided for user ignorance.
    • Avoid the usage of the Rockets to reach the planets you can run into troubles, use the stargate at spawn instead.
    • Do not try to force load a chunk. This causes other players experiences to be degraded and is heavily punished. List of stuff that works as admin anchor:
      • Chunkloader upgrade (from opencomputers)
      • Ender Quarry (it's usage is tolerated as long as you don't unpower it on purpose to force the chunkloading of an area)
    • Do not place anchors in other users bases in order to load their base when they are not online. This is considered bypassing the intended functionality of passive anchors and is greatly unfair to other users.
    • Make sure to avoid fast input/output if you use ExtraCells. This is a known laggy mod and staff heavily recommend against its use, you have been warned.
    • Avoid leaving items on the ground by any mean, as it can lag the server hard. A temp ban will awaits you if you are repeatedly caught doing that.
    • Try to claim your base as soon as possible, this avoids mobs getting stuck in caves and causing lag. (If you need a mob farm you can use /mytown plot to designate an area)
    • Cows/pigs/horses/chickens/sheep/pets are limited to 5 of each per base, villagers are limited to 10 per base to avoid lag (AI for the mobs can be CPU intensive)
    • Do not use the charm of Keeping, it's bugged, use the Soulbound I enchantment instead. (edited)
    • Do not place a motion sensor from OpenComputer in the world, it will crash the server.
    • Do not use the teleposer to telepose anything that is not a normal block, as it can crash the servers and corrupt the machines you telepose.
    • DO NOT use storage buses on drawer controllers, and in general avoid drawer controllers, it's very laggy.
    • DO NOT spam the search of ross128b's abandoned structures, it creates needless overly large maps. A temp ban of one week will await offending players.No refunds will be given for the above list.
  8. The official language of Delta, Epsilon, Eta and Zeta is english.To enable moderators to effectively do their job we ask players to please keep global chat in English. Players are free to use other languages in private DMs or voice channels. This rule also serves to prevent certain players feeling excluded from chat because of the language in use.

Staff reserves the right to modify the rules at any time without notice. In addition Staff members can deal with any situation at their own discretion, if you have an issue with the application of the rules please take it up with another staff member on the discord server in DMs. Otherwise have a good time!

Server tips

  • If you encounter regular timeout disconnections on the official servers (bad internet, an heavy base being loaded on the server, twilight forest worldgen...), please add this java parameter before launching your pack: -Dfml.readTimeout=60. This parameter is doubling the default 30s of timeout. When present server side it says to wait 60s before forcing the disconnection if the player stopped sending data to the server: this is what happens when a player is having a very bad connection (the parameter is already set on the officials). When present client side, it's the other way around: the client will wait 60s before closing the connection with the server: this is what happens when a heavy base is being loaded in memory for exemple.
  • If you notice weird lag but the TPS are good, please check If there is an issue ongoing, staff cannot do anything about that. If you still notice some lag but both Hetzner and the server are good, you can investigate it by following this.

Ranks and Commands

The official servers have ranks you can earn, which will provide you with special commands to use. Here is a list of all the commands you start with, and all the commands/abilities you can earn through ranks:

  • /bq_user help
  • /bq_user refresh
  • /help
  • /tell
  • /chant (witchery)
  • /afk
  • /back
  • /bal (see your money)
  • /balancetop (shows the richest people on the server, takes time to process)
  • /compass
  • /plugins
  • /depth
  • /ec
  • /ext
  • /getpos
  • /helpop
  • /ignore (stop receiving /msg from someone)
  • /info (bind some debugger on the item you have on hand, then you right-click to get data from blocks)
  • /kits
    • newbie
    • stamps 1n
    • stamps 20n
    • stamps 2n
  • /list (list the online players with their rank)
  • /mail (mail system in-game through commands)
  • /motd (print the message of the day)
  • /msg
  • /home
  • /warp
  • /pay
  • /ping (answers pong as soon as received by the server)
  • /powertool (command used to bind commands to an item)
    • append (stack the commands on one item)
    • toggle
  • /realname (see the name of a nicknamed player)
  • custom essentials sign uses:
    • can break custom essential signs about:
      • balance
      • disposal
      • mail
      • protection
    • can create custom essential signs about:
      • balance
      • disposal
      • mail
      • protection
    • can use custom essential signs about:
      • balance
      • buy
      • disposal
      • free
      • info
      • kit
      • mail
      • protection
      • sell
      • spawnmob
      • trade
      • warp
  • /time
  • /tpa, tpaccept, tpahere
  • /tptoggle (enable/disable rejecting tp/tpa targettting, staff can still /tpo to tp to them)
  • /craft (open a crafting table)
  • chunkloader coin T1 availiable in /jobs shops
  • /gchelp (link to the gc wiki)
  • /joinrace (gc command)
  • /ssinvite (gc command)
  • /ssuninvite (gc command)
  • /mvcoord (multiverse commands)
  • /mvlist
  • /mvspawn
  • /mvp list
  • /iskamiunlocked (thaumic tinkerer)
  • /rankup (to rank up in the ranks)
  • /vote yes and /vote no for the server votes
  • /rg info (tells info about the worldguard region you are currently in)
  • /ext (short for extinguish, stop the current fire on you)
Nomad- $8k
  • 3 homes
  • Additional custom essential sign perms:
    • can use and create custom "trade" essentials signs
    • can use custom essentials signs with "heal"
  • can use /mytownweb verify (to link your account to the mtw<server>, a website to see stuff about your towns)
  • /mytown (allows the claiming of chunks)
  • /foodlist (command to see the progression with unique food eaten)
  • /vote night, /vote day and /vote rain are now availiable
Dweller- $50k
  • /vote restart (starts a vote to restart the server, however, always ask an admin to trackdown lag before rebooting the server, as it will hide the issue instead of fixing it)
  • chunkloader coin T2
  • 5 homes
Villager - $75k
  • 7 homes
Resident - $100k
  • 9 homes
  • veto on votes (/vote veto)
  • chunkloader coin T3
Citizen - $200k
  • 12 homes
Elite - $2m
  • 16 homes
  • chunkloader coin T4
  • No more delay between a teleport command and the actual teleport
NoLife - $100m
  • can place a stargate in the world
  • /back without monthly goal
  • /me
  • /nick (with color and format)
  • is not counted in the sleep count
  • can join the full server
  • can use color and format in chat
  • chunkloader coin T5

Availiable votes

On the servers, we do have some votes to ease the life of the players. Each vote will ignore the players not participating to the vote, so stay tuned for eventual votes in chat. Also, newbie rank can only participate to votes, but not triggering one.

  • /vote restart. It has a cooldown of 30 minutes, and will be successful only if there are >= 75% of yes. This is not a magical way to fix lag, only to hide it. Ask an Operator if the server is consistently lagging after a reboot. Vote only availiable for resident rank and higher.
  • /vote night. It sets the time to 13000, it has a cooldown of 10 minutes, and will be successful only if there are >= 60% of yes. Vote only availiable for nomad rank and higher.
  • /vote day. It sets the time to 0, it had a cooldown of 10 minutes, and will be successful only if there are >= 60% of yes. Vote only availiable for nomad rank and higher.
  • /vote rain. It sets the rain, it has a cooldown of 10 minutes, and will be successful only if there are >= 60% of yes. Vote only availiable for nomad rank and higher.

Most of this section can be seen via /vote list, a command to see availiable votes, as well as their description.


In order to rank up, set homes, and claim town chunks your going to need to make money, and the best way to do that is getting a job. You can browse the job list with the command: "/jobs browse". You may have up to 3 professions with the most common mix being Digger, Miner, and Woodcutter. As you work you will earn xp for the relevant profession witch will increase the daily salary cap as well as unlock unique job related kits at level 20. As you progress in the pack and get better tools it will become easier to make money.


One of the biggest advantages to play on the official servers is the ability to protect your stuff by incorporating it into a town. To access the town commands, type "/mytown help" or "/mytown help <command>" in the chat. You need to be at least nomad rank to use mytown commands. "/town" can be used instead of "/mytown" for convenience.

Here is a list of the flags you can use to modify the permissions of players inside your town:

  • enter (default: true) It is a boolean. Allows outsiders to enter.
  • access (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows right-clicking of blocks.
  • pickup (default: true) It is a boolean. Allows item pickup.
  • pvp (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows pvp - player vs. player.
  • mobs (default: false) It is a boolean. Controls whether mobs can exist here.
  • entities (default: true) It is a boolean. Controls whether entities can exist here.
  • pve (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows interacting with entities.
  • usage (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows usage of items (eggs, buckets etc.).
  • activate (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows right-clicking of doors, etc.
  • fakers (default: true) It is a boolean. Allows fake players to bypass (ex:TCGolems).
  • modify (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows modifying land.
  • explosions (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows explosions. Some explosions aren't stopped, such as IC² reactor explosions.
  • restrictions (default: false) It is a boolean. Gives permission outside player's plots.
  • nearby (default: false) It is a boolean. Allows towns to be made near this town.
  • maxwarp (default: 30) It is a integer. The maximum allowed warp for outsiders to enter.

You can invite friends in a town by typing "/mytown invite <Player>", however, the targeted player must be at least nomad rank, or he won't be able to join.

You can give your friend the control of your town by promoting them to the assistant rank inside the town: "/mytown promote <Player> Assistant"

You can make change locally your town permissions by making a plot, but don't forget to add your friends to the plot if you want them to change the flags inside the plot.


if you try to modify a town but it does not work, please check this before asking for help:

  • make sure you have the town you want to modify selected with "/mytown select <Town name>"
  • make sure you have the Assistant or Mayor rank in the town
  • make sure you have enough money in the town's bank before claiming

Known issues

  • you use a teleport command near a GT pump or miner, but after the 5s delay, nothing happens: Solutions:
    • use a block placer to place the machine controller. You can place the rest of the multiblock normally.
    • grind the ranks to elite to get the 5s delay removed.