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Waila (short for What Am I Looking At) is a quality of life mod that shows information tooltips about what the player is looking at, within inventories and in-game. Waila is also responsible for sorting the Controls Keybinds by mod. Despite its simple premise, Waila is an integral part of GT:NH and it's strongly advised to not turn it off. Features such as IC2 Crops, status of GT Machines and Multiblocks, Thaumcraft, harvestability, energy storage and more are conveyed via Waila. Waila requires NEI to function correctly, using it to display recipes and uses of the currently viewed item.

Sample Waila Tooltips


By default Waila comes configured to sit in the bottom right hand corner of the main screen. Whenever the player is close enough to a block to interact with it, Waila will show a tooltip. The types of information Waila shows can be configured by bringing up the main menu with (default Numpad 0) > Waila or Modules. Modules adjust settings for supported mods, while Waila has more global configuration options. Show/Hide Waila toggles the tooltips on/off. Show ID:Metadata displays a block or item's internal references, similar to /mt hand or Extended Tooltips (F3+H). Sneak-toggle blocks hides most of the Waila info other than name/block ID unless Shift is held down. Sneak-toggle entities does the same thing for animals/mobs/villagers. Liquids Hidden/Visible toggles between displaying a tooltip for the liquid or the block below it.


The most important data Walia shows for most players is Harvestability. This puts a green checkmark or red X in front of "Currently Harvestable", showing if the tool/item in the player's hand can successfully collect the block or item being looked at. Waila will also tell what tool is needed if a specific one is required and even the minimum Mining Level of that tool for machines, pipes and ores. Effective Tool and Harvest Level will be shown in green when the held tool is appropriate, or red if it's not suitable.

Machine Status

Most machines will display useful information about their current status via Waila. This includes GT Multiblocks and single block machines, which offer their current fill levels for liquids or EU, facing, progress & power consumption when actively working. As power usage is based on the recipe and not the machine, an idle machine won't display power consumption. Multiblocks will also display their status and efficiency via tooltip.


Config screen with Waila keybinds - Config screen (Numpad 0), Show Liquids (Numpad 2), Show Recipe (Numpad 3), Show Usage (Numpad 4), Show/Hide (Numpad 1).

Waila's keybinds are configurable from ESC > Options > Controls > Waila and by default are assigned to the number pad digits zero through four.

Default Action
Numpad 0 Brings up the Config Screen for Waila.
Numpad 1 Toggles visibility of Waila. Same effect as Walia Config > Waila > Show/Hide Waila.
Numpad 2 Toggles between showing the toolip for a liquid vs. the block beneath the liquid.
Numpad 3 Show Recipe. This is identical to invoking NEI's (default R) show recipe, only for blocks/items in the world.
Numpad 4 Show Usage. This is identical to invoking NEI's (default U) uses of an item, only for blocks/items in the world.


Waila does not display current Pollution in a chunk, Electricity being carried by cables or wires, Ore Chunk status, owners of machines nor coordinates. These and more are handled by the Portable Scanner, JourneyMap and InGame Info XML.


Issue Fix
Tooltips missing Press (default NUMPAD 1) to toggle visibility. If that does nothing, bring up ESC > Options > Controls > Waila > [Waila] Show/Hide and set a keybind. Maintain mode may also be enabled; open WAILA (Default NUMPAD 0) > WAILA > switch Toggled/Maintained to Toggled.
Cannot access Waila menu Use ESC > Options > Controls > Waila > [Waila] Config Screen and set a keybind, then use it to access the main Waila menu.
Walia Toolip Obscured Bring up the Waila menu with (default 0). Placement of tooltips can be adjusted from Waila > Configure Aspect. Drag the tooltip box to the desired position. It can also be set with X, Y and Z coordinates and increased or decreased in size here.
Information incomplete If you are looking at IC2 Crops, this is deliberate. Seeds must be fully analyzed in order to show complete information. Some Waila modules also use Shift to show more extensive tooltips. If the tooltip says "Press shift for more data" Sneak Toggle is enabled. In Waila's menu, change to Waila > Sneak toggle blocks > No

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