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Below are some of the things players may want to turn on/off at various points to customize their gameplay experience, or use to fix game breaking issues. This includes game mechanics, such as Taint, Warp and Pollution that may be impacting difficulty. Many of the in-game commands require the player to either have Cheats enabled or be OP'd / have Admin rights for the server. Single Player worlds can be opened to LAN to temporarily enable Cheats if this was not enabled on world creation.

Overlay Elements

The overlays can get a bit cluttered, but most of its parts can be toggled as needed.

Remove the status icons in the upper left.

  • Esc > Mod Options… > Adventure Backpacks > Config > graphics > status > enable overlay > false

The map in the (default upper right corner) is JourneyMap. Configure it with (default J), then the Options button.

  • Options > MiniMap Preset 1/2 > Enable MiniMap (remove checkmark to disable)
  • Alternately, CTRL+(default J), or Command+(default J) on Macs to enable/disable MiniMaps.

The text in the upper right is InGame Info XML. It has a Toggle Overlay keybind in Controls, or you can use the following commands. This also affects the armor/held item display in the middle left edge of the screen.

  • /igi disable turn off upper left hand corner GUI and armor durability.
  • /igi enable turn on upper left hand corner GUI and armor durability.
  • /igi config configuration options for InGameInfo. Also accessible from Mod Options...

The box in the (default lower right) is Waila, or ‘what am I looking at’. Configure it with (default NumPad0). Change the keybind under Controls.

  • Waila > Show/Hide Waila > Hidden
  • Keypad 0 (default) also toggles Waila visibility on/off

Configure the Galacticraft HUD overlay (oxygen tank, etc.) These two parameters can be combined to put it in any corner.

  • Open /your_instance/config/Galacticraft/core.conf
    • B:"Minimap Left"=true change to false to move the HUD to the right side.
    • B:"Minimap Bottom"=false change to true to move the HUD to the bottom.

If a green box is present in the upper left corner with a glass cable frame, this is the HUD from #IndustrialCraft2 & GraviSuite

Main Menu

Silence the main menu song. If you wish to disable temporarily, its volume works off the Music slider. Replace this file (7.2mb) with a renamed copy of any of the other three (blank 4kb files).

  • /your_instance/config/txloader/load/minecraft/sounds/music/menu/menu1.ogg Replace this file with a renamed copy of any of the other three (blanks).
    • Earlier versions: /your_instance/resources/minecraft/sounds/music/menu/menu1.ogg

Disable the random block background on load screen.

  • Open /your_instance/config/RandomThings.cfg/, change B:ModifiedBackgrounds=true to false.


Unable to see ores, having issues with colorblindness? The Outlined Ores texture pack might help.

Loot Tables

The standard structure loot tables are handled by the Too Much Loot mod.

  • /your_instance/config/TooMuchLoot/loot/ chest1-4 are tables specifically for lootgames dungeons.
  • /your_instance/config/EnhancedLootBags/LootBags.xml this table is used for reward bags given by the Quest Book.

Basic Commands

Show Chunk borders/boundaries

  • F9

Show lighting overlay (yellow X's can spawn mobs at night, red X's can spawn mobs at any time of day.)

  • F7

Toggle show/hide of entity collision hit boxes.

  • F3+B

Force reload Sound Manager. Can potentially fix a lack of sounds. Check that an output device has been set for the instance at the operating system level if no sound persists.

  • F3+S

Force reload textures / texture pack. Game screen will freeze temporarily while the reload executes.

  • F3+T

Show/Hide extended tooltips. (Item IDs)

  • F3+H

Force reload chunks. Can fix some visual glitches, such as Information Panels not displaying correctly.

  • F3+A

Keep items on death instead of spawning a grave.

  • /gamerule keepInventory true

Prevent mobs from affecting blocks. FTBUtilities already has this effect in claimed chunks.

  • /gamerule mobGriefing false Set to true to restore mob griefing.

Disable mob spawning. Similar to Peaceful but does not alter other damage sources.

  • /gamerule doMobSpawning false Set to true to restore mob spawning.

Turn off fire spread.

  • /gamerule doFireTick false

Turn off ALL animations Switches the animationsMode on the right of F3 screen.

  • Open F3, Shift+Ctrl+N

Share your location in chat

  • /sharewhereiam


Teleport to other planets. Use caution with this command, as prior to 2.2.9 it does not have a cancel option once invoked, and will drop the player high up in the sky. Not intended for use outside of fixing game breaking bugs or creative testing.

  • /dimensiontp [player name] Replace '[player name]' with the player to be teleported.

Teleport to other dimensions. The first player name is always the player teleported. The destination can be specified by another player, a dimension ID or coordinates and dimension ID. If no coordinates are given, the player will be teleported to that dimension's spawn.

  • /cofh tpx player_to_teleport another_player_as_destination
  • /cofh tpx player_to_teleport dimension_id
  • /cofh tpx player_to_teleport x y z dimension_id

Teleport to set anchors. Requires the GTNH fork of FTB Utilites/Library or ServerUtilities installed.

  • /sethome your_teleport Sets "your_teleport" as a destination. Can be any string.
  • /delhome your_teleport Deletes "your_teleport" as a destination.
  • /home your_teleport Teleports the player to destination "your_teleport"
  • /home list List of all the player's sethome destinations.
  • /spawn Teleports the player to spawn.
  • /back Teleports back to the previous location before using a /home. Only works once.

Debugging and Diagnostics

Display TPS (ticks per second), helpful for diagnosing some lag problems. The numbers appear in the top left corner in the format: Lowest ticktime(highest TPS), average ticktime(average TPS), highest ticktime(lowest TPS) The average tick time and TPS are the important numbers- as long as your tick time is below 50, your TPS should be 20, if it goes above 50, your TPS will decrease.

  • /xu_tps

Forge's Display TPS, which also lists other dimensions with the average tick time & TPS for each.

  • /forge tps

Show Overall TPS, tick time, loaded dimensions/chunk counts, and entities/tile entities counts.

  • /cofh tps List of loaded dimensions and their TPS. Scroll up in chat to see all.
  • /cofh tps a Entity counts / TPS percentages

Bring up Opis, a network and lag debugging tool.

  • /opis

Show NBT data for the item in hand.

  • /mt hand
  • /iih

Spawn items, including those that do not show up in NEI. Requires mod ID & namespace IDs or numerical Item IDs and possibly metadata. Replace {player} with a player's name, usually your own. {quantity} is the amount of item given. {metadata} is optional, only needed to specify a subtype of an item.

  • /give {player} {modID}:{namespaceItemID} {quantity} {metadata}
    • Example: /give Steve gregtech:gt.metaitem.01 64 2500 gives a player named Steve a stack of Diamond Dust.
  • /give {player} {itemID} {quantity} {metadata}
    • /give Alex 7195 64 2500 does the same thing for player Alex, but using item ID instead of namespace ID.

Delete specified entities amongst those that are loaded. Use caution as this can include villagers, horses and even nodes if the * command is used.

  • /cofh killall Kills all hostiles.
  • /cofh killall * Kills ALL entities and tile entities.
  • /cofh killall [partialName] kill entities matching [partialName]

Count, replace or remove specific blocks. Can be defined as a set cubic area or as a radius around the player. See CoFH Commands for full parameters.

  • /cofh countblocks [player name] [xRadius] [yRadius] [zRadius] [block ID] player, X Y and Z, and a block ID must be specified.
  • /cofh replaceblocks [player name] [xRadius] [yRadius] [zRadius] [block to place] [target block]
    • Can also use x y z x y z instead of the three radius variables to define a rectangular cuboid instead
    • [block to place] and [target block] should be in format mod:block, ex: minecraft:grass. Use # to define a metaID, ex: minecraft:planks#3 is jungle planks. Case sensitive.

Spawn a chest at the player's location using the chosen loot table file.

  • /loot spawnDebugChest <file_name> ~ ~ ~ Replace <file_name> with a vaild loot table file name, no extension. The tildes (~) can be replaced with coordinates for spawning the chest in locations other than the player's feet.

Delete all loaded item entities on the ground.

  • /cofh killall item

Kill erroring entities and/or tile entities causing the server to crash. WARNING: Do not leave this enabled, do not invoke without a good reason (entity issue suspected) and make a backup before attempting.

  • Open your_instance/config/forge.cfg, then find
    • B:removeErroringTileEntities=false, change to true
    • B:removeErroringEntities=false, change to true

Output a log of all forced chunks to /your_instance/logs/GregTech.log

  • /gt chunks

Recover items from a player's grave. Requires cheats enabled; open to LAN and turn on cheats if necessary. Use the file ending in .grave rather than .death, otherwise baubles will not be returned. Tab key can be used to cycle though valid grave file names after entering the player's name.

  • /ob_inventory restore [player name] [file name] Replace '[player name]' and '[file name]' with the correct values.

Force Twilight Forest progression. [player name] is the name of the player for whom to adjust progress. For [boss name] you specify past which boss the progression would be set. List of bosses: none, naga, lich, mooshroom, hydra, knights, urghast, yeti, snowqueen, giants, final.

  • /tfprogress [player name] [boss name]

Unlock specific achievements.

  • /achievement give <AchievementID> [player name] finding the achievement ID may be hard.


Edit the NBT file of any block or entity looked at. Also has a keybind option under Esc > Options > Controls > Server Utilities > Edit NBT (Default NONE).

  • /nbtedit
  • /nbtedit block x y z - Edits block at the given X, Y and Z co-ordinates.
  • /nbtedit entity {id} - Edits the entity for the provided {id} value.
  • /nbtedit player {player_name} Replace {player_name} with the player to be edited.
  • /nbtedit item - Edits the currently held item's NBT.

Enable creative flight, even in other game modes.

  • /fly toggles on/off

Heal the specified player. Replace {player_name} with the player's name.

  • /heal {player_name}

Mod Specific


Trigger a manual backup with AromaBackup

  • /backup

Configure backups kept by AromaBackup.

  • /your_instance/config/aroma1997/AromaBackup.cfg >
    • Frequency of backups: find I:delay=30, number represents minutes, 0 disables backups.
    • Number of backups: find I:keep=20, change to 0 to never delete backups.

Better Builder's Wands

Undo the last Wand placement of blocks from BetterBuildersWands (does not work with OpenBlocks Wands)

  • /wandOops

Better Questing

Reload/update the Quest Book. Always use this command after updating the pack (pre 2.4.0). After 2.4.0, this should be automatic but can still be used if new quests are not showing up correctly.

  • /bq_admin default load
  • /bq_user refresh - manually force a resync of triggers for party progress.
  • /bq_user help - spawns the "BetterQuesting Starter Guide" book. Right-click in the air to open.

Fix a broken quest that won’t complete. First check it's not a crafting task you haven't actually crafted, and you have the exact item it wants. If you are on a server try logging out/in again first; repeatable quests sometimes get stuck. Requires cheats enabled. Open to LAN if needed and not on by default.

  • F3 + H First to enable extended tooltips. This will let you see quest ID#s in the quest book, after the name
  • /bq_admin complete [quest id] [player name] Do not include the # symbol. Replace '[quest id]' and '[player name]' with the appropriate values.
    • Quest ID's can be shown with F3+H for extended tooltips
    • Or in newer versions of BQ, right click a quest to get a "Copy Quest ID" option
  • /bq_admin edit Use this command instead if you have many quests to change.
  • /bq_admin reset all [player name] Resets ALL quests. Use only if you want to start over!
  • /bq_admin reset [quest id] Reset a specific quest. Ensure you have extended tooltips on to see quest IDs. do not include the # symbol.
  • /bq_admin hardcore Enable hardcore mode, starting with three lives. CAUTION: Running out of lives deletes your world.


Rebind the CraftPresence menu key to something other than (default ~).

  • ESC > Options > Controls > CraftPresence - Controls, change Config GUI Keybind


  • Open /your_instance/config/craftpresence.json, find "configKeyCode": 41, change it to "configKeyCode": 0 for unbound or any other keycode as desired.

Draconic Evolution

Disable Item Dislocator sound while magnetizing items.

  • Open /your_instance/config/DraconicEvolution.cfg, then find:
    • B:"Item Dislocator Disable Sound"=false, change to true

Blacklist specific items from the Item Dislocator's pickup, in format mod:item|meta, use /mt hand or enable extended tooltips to find the correct designations. One item per line.

  • Add items to S:"Item Dislocator Blacklist"

Change the HUD display location for Draconic items.

  • Open /your_instance/config/DraconicEvolution.cfg, then find:
    • I:"Hud Display X pos"=7
    • I:"Hud Display Y pos"=874


Output a log file of all the player's bee breeding statistics to /your_instance/config/forestry/stats/<player_name>-bees.log

  • /forestry bee save

Delete all butterflies in the world.

  • /forestry butterfly kill

FTB Utilities (ServerUtilities)

FTB Utilities and FTB Lib both have to be installed separately, they are not part of the default install package. It's strongly recommended to use ServerUtilities instead of FTBU, as FTBU is no longer maintained. There are some changes (noted below) and you should be able to migrate forward by replacing FTBU and FTBLibs on both server and client. Existing FTBU data for homes, warps, and chunk claims are automatically imported when migrating.

Claim Chunks

Open in-game inventory, click on the map icon () to the left, then left click on chunks to claim. Right-click to unclaim. Claimed chunks are marked with a green border/overlay in FTBU, or the appropriate team color in SU. Click-drag to claim/unclaim multiple chunks as once with SU.

Chunkload Chunks

Open in-game inventory, click on the map icon () to the left, CTRL-left click on a claimed chunk to chunkload it. The border/overlay will turn red. If you're on a GT:NH version of FTB Utilities (after 1.1.1-GTNH) you can CTRL-left click on a chunk directly to claim and load it in one click. For Mac users, try Command+left click. ServerUtilities - use Shift instead. Shift right-click to unclaim. Hold Shift and click-drag to claim and load multiple chunks at once. Chunks can also be unclaimed from within Journeymap.

Chunk Claim data is stored at /your_instance/saves/your_world/LatMod/ClaimedChunks.json

Maximum Chunks

Adjust the maximum number of allowed chunkloaded chunks, claimed chunks and /home commmands per player. Note there are two values for each, admin/OP/vip rank and normal player rank. In single player, the admin values are used.

  • FTBU: Open /your_instance/local/ftbu/config.json, then
    • "max_loaded_chunks": Change the total chunkloaded chunks per player.
    • "max_claims": Change the total number of claimed chunks per player.
    • "max_homes": Change the allowed number of /home registrations.
  • SU: Open /your_instance/serverutilities/server/ranks.txt, then
    • serverutilities.chunkloader.max_chunks: Change the total chunkloaded chunks per player.
    • Change the total number of claimed chunks per player.
    • Change the allowed number of /home registrations.


Trigger a manual backup (admin privileges required)

  • FTBU: /admin backup start
  • SU: /backup start

Configure the amount and frequency of backups kept.

  • FTBU: Open /your_instance/local/ftbu/config.json, then
    • Find "backup_timer": 2.0, where # is the number of backups per hour.
    • Find "backups_to_keep": 3, change value to number of desired backups.
  • SU: Open /your_instance/serverutilities/serverutilities.cfg, then
    • Find "backup_timer": 2.0, where # is the number of hours between backups.
    • Find "backups_to_keep": 3, change value to number of desired backups.
    • Find "enable_backups", set to true to enable automatic backups.

Edit FTB's configuration file from within Minecraft.

  • FTBU: /edit_config ftbu

Edit FTB's Server Information settings from within Minecraft.

  • FTBU: /admin server_info

TP warp and home - see Teleportation

Creative commands - see Debugging & Diagnostics

Bring up a Trash Can GUI. Anything placed in the Trash Can inventory will be permanently deleted when it's closed. Also has a keybind option under Esc > Options > Controls > Server Utilities > Trash Can (Default NONE).

  • /trash_can


Toggle GregTech Pollution mechanic. Be aware this will not remove existing pollution, so let it clear up first. It also disables natural pollution decay and machines that interact with pollution.

  • /your_instance/config/GregTech/GregTech.cfg > find B:EnablePollution=true, change to false

Add or remove Pollution. Positive numbers will increase the current chunk's gibbl, negative numbers will reduce it by that amount.

  • /gt pollution [amount] Replace [amount] with an integer.

Restore default spawner breaking difficulty. The config has been changed to the second option in later versions.

  • /your_instance/config/GregTech/GregTech.cfg > find B:harderSpawners = true, change to false.
  • /your_instance/config/GregTech/GregTech.cfg > find B:hardermobspawners=true, change to false.

Remove the automatic aggro of Enderman or Zombie Pigmen when ores are mined.

  • /your_instance/config/GTNewHorizons/angermod.cfg > find
    • Enderman > S:EndBlocks, remove linegregtech:gt.blockores
    • Zombie Pigmen > S:NetherBlocks, remove linegregtech:gt.blockores
    • All Block Break Aggro > B:BlockBreakEnabled=true, change to false

Disable machine explosions.

  • /your_instance/config/GregTech/GregTech.cfg > find machines {, change any of these:
    • B:explosions_on_nonwrenching=true, change to false
    • B:fire_causes_explosions=true, change to false
    • B:lightning_causes_explosions=true, change to false
    • B:machines_explosion_damage=true, change to false
    • B:machines_flammable=true, change to false
    • B:rain_causes_explosions=true, change to false


Allow space station to be chunkloaded. Must be run from within the Space Station dimension with admin rights. Still requires some form of chunkloading to remain force loaded.

  • /gckeeploaded

Allow/disallow players access to your Space Station.

  • /ssinvite <player_name>
  • /ssuninvite <player_name>

See also: Commands - Galacticraft Wiki

IndustrialCraft2 & GraviSuite

As of 2.4.0, the keybinds for IC2/GraviSuite are set to NONE by default. Keys must be set in Options > Controls > for ALT Key, Boost Key, Hub Expand Key and Mode Switch Key to use IC2 equipment & tools properly.

Green GUI box with a black helmet, white jetpack with yellow fuel, black pants with green kneepads and white boots. Each has a percentage next to it in the center, and the helmet has a black nightvision goggles with green lenses on the far right.

Toggle the green HUD box in the upper left corner. Has three modes, disabled, basic, and extended. Basic lists power charge for a helmet, chestpiece, pants and boots. Extended also has text/tooltip for the held item. Disabled turns the HUD off.

  • Press IC2 ALT Key + IC2 Hub Expand Key while wearing IC2 gear to cycle.

Toggle Night Vision, including on the NanoSuit Helmet and QuantumSuit Helmet. Night Vision will take ~10-15 seconds to fade after being turned off.

  • Press IC2 ALT Key + IC2 Mode Switch Key while wearing helmet to toggle.

Turn IC2 jetpack engines on and off. Includes QuantumSuit Bodyarmor.

  • Press IC2 Boost Key + IC2 Mode Switch Key while wearing jetpack to toggle engines.

Toggle Hover Mode/Levitation for other Jetpacks (including Gravitation Suite's GraviChestPlate)

  • While flying/ascending with jump (default Space Bar), press the IC2 Mode Switch Key

Toggle QuantumShield for Quantumsuit GraviChestPlate. If the message "Can't find Shield relays; Shield cannot be activated" appears, one or more of the Quantum armor pieces are missing (helmet/chestplate/leggings/boots).

  • While sneaking (default shift), press the IC2 Mode Switch Key

Turn GraviSuite's jetpacks on/off (Advanced Electric Jetpack, Advanced NanoChestPlate, GraviChestPlate)

  • Gravi Fly Key (default NONE)

Toggle Vajra's Silk Touch mode.

  • IC2 Mode Switch Key + Right Click

Spawn Seed Bags for specific crops. Use /mt hand with a spawned seed bag from NEI to get the name and owner values. scan:4 is fully identified, scan:0 gives Unidentified Seeds. Alternatively, bookmark one or more seed bags, close the game and open the /your_instance/saves/NEI/global/bookmarks.ini text file, edit as desired and relaunch.

  • /give @p 4279 1 0 {growth:1,gain:1,resistance:1,name:Red Stonelilly,owner:berriespp,scan:4}

Infernal Mobs

Adjust Infernal Mobs allowed traits.

  • Open /your_instance/config/InfernalMobs.cfg > find general {, choose which traits to turn off by changing true to false.

Disable Infernal Mobs.

  • Open /your_instance/config/InfernalMobs.cfg > find permittedentities {, and change all true entries to false

Inventory Tweaks

Inventory Tweaks configuration options can accessed by pressing the [...] button in any inventory. It has a keybind for quick inventory sorting (default R) that often conflicts with NEI and should be disabled or rebound. Its various shortcuts may also cause unintended actions. They can be disabled with Shortcuts: OFF from the [...] menu.

  • ESC > Options > Controls > Inventory Tweaks, change Inventory Sorting (default R)
Shortcut Action
Shift + Click Move one stack, Craft all to inventory
Control + click Move one item, Craft to inventory
Alt + click Drop
Control + Shift + click Move all of one item
Space + click Move everything, including hotbar
0-9 + click move to hotbar slot
any shortcut + right-click Same scope, but drops instead


Adjust the percentage of players who must be in beds in order for night to pass (Multiplayer only)

  • /server_instance/config/Morpheus.cfg > find I:SleeperPerc=50 and change percentage.

Personal Space

Give a player a personal space portal, should something happen to their original portal block.

  • /pspace give-portal

Give a player a personal space portal, already set to a specific personal dimension and/or spawn point. Replace "[player_name]" with a valid player's name. Replace "[Dimension_ID]" with a valid personal space dimension ID number. "[X Y Z]" should be replaced with valid X, Y and Z coordinates if used.

  • /pspace give-portal [player_name] [Dimension_ID] [X Y Z]

List all personal space dimensions to the console.

  • /pspace ls

Output the personal space dimension ID a player is occupying. Replace "[player_name]" with a valid player's name. /pspace where [player_name] Unlock worldgen settings for Personal Dimension, once. Replace "[Dimension_ID]" with a valid personal space dimension ID number. Must be run by a server admin.

  • /pspace allow-worldgen-change [Dimension_ID]

Change visual settings for a Personal dimension.

  • Shift-right-click on an active portal

Teleport to Personal Dimensions. "[player_name]" should be replaced with a player's name. "[X Y Z]" should be replaced with valid X, Y and Z coordinates. If omitted the teleport will drop the listed player at the portal's spawn point.

  • /pspace tpx [player_name] DIM [X Y Z]

Random Things

Adjust Blood Moon parameters; frequency, ability to sleep, visual effects.

  • Open /your_instance/config/RandomThings.cfg/ and find:
    • D:BloodMoonChance=0.05, set to a fractional number between 0 and 1 (0=never, 1=every night, 0.05=5% chance)
    • B:BloodMoonNoSleep=true, change to false to allow sleeping through Blood Moons.
    • B:BloodMoonRedLight=true, B:BloodMoonRedMoon=true, B:BloodMoonRedSky=true, B:BloodMoonBlackFog=true - change to false to disable any of these visual elements during Blood Moons.
    • B:BloodmoonMessage=false change to true to have a chat message on Blood Moon start.
    • I:BloodMoonSpawnLimitMult=2, I:BloodMoonSpawnRange=6, B:BloodmoonRespectGamerule=true, B:BloodmoonVanish=false - adjust the amount, range, and spawn behavior of Blood Moon mobs.

Adjust leaf decay speed.

  • Open /your_instance/config/RandomThings.cfg/ and find:
    • B:FasterLeaveDecay=true Toggles fast leaf decay.
    • I:LeaveDecayFuzz=5 randomness setting for leaf decay.
    • I:LeaveDecaySpeed=7 overall leaf decay speed.

Spice of Life

Toggle Spice of Life's diminishing hunger/saturation when eating food.

  • /your_instance/config/SpiceOfLife.cfg > find B:food.modifier.enabled=true, change to false.


List researches needed to unlock Kami.

  • /iskamiunlocked

Stop Taint spread. This will not remove existing Tainted Land biomes nor stop new ones from being generated in new chunks. (currently does not seem to work)

  • Esc > Mod Options… > Thaumcraft > biome_taint_spread > 0
    • Alt: /your_instance/config/Thaumcraft.cfg > change I:biome_taint_spread=0

Adjust the aspect scanning notification scrolling speed.

  • /your_instance/config/Thaumcraft.cfg > change I:notification_delay=5000

Change the number of notifications shown at any time.

  • /your_instance/config/Thaumcraft.cfg > change I:notification_max=15

Show all Thaumcraft items in NEI, even if not yet researched.

  • /your_instance/config/tcneiadditions.cfg, find B:showLockedRecipes=false, change to true
  • Alt: Esc > Mod Options > Thaumcraft NEI Additions > Config > general > showLockedRecipes > set to true

Add/remove unlocked research from players.

  • /thaumcraft research [player_name] all - Unlock all research for the listed player.
  • /thaumcraft research [player_name] reset - Removes all research for the listed player.
  • /thaumcraft research list lists all the research codes (see Thaumcraft Research Cheatsheet for an easier to search list.)
  • /thaumcraft research [player_name] [research_code] Unlock a specific research for the listed player.

Add Thaumcraft aspect research points. Change [player_name], [aspect], and [amount] for appropriate values. Research points should not exceed 99,999,999 nor be negative.

  • /thaumcraft aspect [player_name] [aspect] [amount] - specific aspect
  • /thaumcraft aspect [player_name] all [amount] - all aspects

Toggle Thaumcraft Warp.

  • Esc > Mod Options… > Thaumcraft > wuss_mode > set to true to disable Warp.
    • Alt: /your_instance/config/Thaumcraft.cfg > change B:wuss_mode=true

Display player's permanent warp in chat text.

  • /checkwarp

Add/remove Warp from a player. Each type (normal, temporary and permanent) has its own command. Change [player_name] and [value] as appropriate. Running all three commands with 0 for [value] removes all current Warp, but does not stop new acquisitions or equipment from applying it. add can be used instead of set to increment a player's Warp instead of making it a specific value.

  • /tc warp [player_name] set [value] TEMP - change temporary warp
  • /tc warp [player_name] set [value] - change normal warp
  • /tc warp [player_name] set [value] PERM - change permanent warp

Manually alter Warp, research points, or research known. This data is stored in your_instance/saves/your_world/playerdata/player_name.thaum, where your_instance, your_world and player_name are all player specific strings. This file requires an NBT Editor to modify.

  • Thaumcraft.eldritch: # Permanent Warp
  • Thaumcraft.eldritch.counter: # Total current warp, used for warp events
  • Thaumcraft.eldritch.sticky: # Normal Warp
  • Thaumcraft.eldritch.temp: # Temporary Warp

Disable research minigame, making research purchasable directly with points instead.

  • /your_instance/config/Thaumcraft.cfg > change I:research_difficulty=1 to -1

Tinker's Construct

Level up the held tool by one.

  • /leveluptool

Traveller's Gear

Set a keybind for toggling a Traveller's Gear equippable item (cloaks, bracers, pauldrons, masks, amulets, belts, rings etc.)

  • /travellersgear bind [1, 2 or 3] - binds the currently held item to one of the three slots, which must also have a key set:
    • ESC > Options > Controls > Traveller's Gear > Active Ability 1, 2 or 3 (default NONE)

Keybind to bring up the selection wheel for all equipped Traveller's Gear items.

  • ESC > Options > Controls > Traveller's Gear > Active Abilities (default NONE)

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