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Below are all the mods included in GregTech: New Horizons. They are divided into categories depending on their overall contents or purpose. Players are unlikely to be aware of anything that isn't a UI, Content or Script mod, as many mods are only responsible for integration, recipe modification, or shared library functionality behind the scenes. Due to the heavily integrated nature of the pack, adding or removing mods may have unintended effects.

  • Add-on: A child mod, that expands functionality or adds content to the parent mod.
  • Content: A standard mod that adds blocks and/or items.
  • Library: A behind-the-scenes support mod needed to make another mod work.
  • Script: A mod that alters how the game works but doesn't add blocks, items or UI
  • UI: A mod that adds or changes part of the user interface - overlays, menus, inventory, etc.
  • Utility: A mod that adds functionality, such as troubleshooting or backup tools.
  • Active: Standard mods available to the modding community, in active development
  • Passive: Mods mostly intended for use in GTNH, but are likely usable outside it.
  • GTNH-only: Mods that only function in GT:NH due to dependencies or has restricted redistribution.
  • None: No support from GT:NH; may be ARR (All Rights Reserved)

The most up-to-date list of the mods included in GregTech: New Horizons is located here:

Name Development Type Description
Advanced Solar Panel For 1.7.10 (Unofficial) None Content IC2 add-on
AdventureBackpack2 Passive Content Adventure Backpacks
AE2FluidCraft-Rework Passive Content AE2 add-on
ae2stuff Passive Content AE2 QoL additions
AFSU Passive Content IC2 add-on
AlchemyGrate Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
Amazing-Trophies Active Content Collectible trophies and custom achievements
amunra GTNH-only Content GalactiCraft add-on for AmunRa dimension
AngerMod Passive Script Configurable mob aggro
AppleCore Active Library Dependency for Spice of Life, HungerOverhaul & Nutrition
Applied-Energistics-2-Unofficial Active Content Auto-crafting & automation
ArchitectureCraft Passive Content Decorative customizable blocks
Aroma1997Core None Library Dependency for AromaBackup
AromaBackup None Utility Automated backups & restores
AsieLib Passive Library Dependency for Computronics
Automagy None Content Thaumcraft add-on
Avaritia GTNH-only Content Larger crafting recipes
Avaritiaddons Passive Content Avaritia add-on
bartworks GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
Battlegear2 Passive Content / UI Combat overhaul / dual wield
Baubles Passive UI Additional equipment slots
bdlib Passive Library Dependency for Gendustry & AE2 Stuff
BeeBetterAtBees-GTNH None UI NEI & Forestry add-on
BetterAchievements Passive UI Expands vanilla Achievements
BetterBuildersWands GTNH-only Content Builder's Wand tools
BetterCrashes Passive Script Main menu return & upload of crash log
BetterLoadingScreen Passive UI Custom loading screen / music
BetterP2P Active Content AE2 add-on
BetterQuesting Passive Content Quest Book
BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Biomes O'Plenty Edition None Content Adds BoP compatibility to BiblioCraft
BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Forestry Edition None Content Adds Forestry compatibility to BiblioCraft
BiblioCraft: BiblioWoods Natura Edition None Content Adds Natura compatibility to BiblioCraft
BiblioCraft None Content Decorations, Storage & Enchantment duplication
Binnie Passive Library Dependency for Extra Bees, Extra Trees, Botany, Genetics, Binnie Core & Forestry
Biomes O' Plenty None Content World Generation & Biomes
BlockLimiter Passive Script Limits placeable blocks by dimension
BlockRenderer6343 GTNH-only UI 3D block rendering & enhanced tooltips
BloodArsenal Passive Content Blood Magic add-on
BloodMagic Passive Content Magic & utility using life force
Botania Active Content Magic & utility using flowers
Botanic-horizons GTNH-only Content Botania add-on
BrandonsCore Passive Library Dependency for Draconic Evolution
BugTorch Active Script Bug fixes for 1.7.10 jank
BuildCraft Passive Content Machines & automation
BuildCraftCompat Passive Script 3rd party support for BuildCraft
BuildCraftOilTweak Passive Script Makes BuildCraft oil dangerous
CarpentersBlocks Passive Content Decorative customizable blocks
Catwalks-2 GTNH-only Content Adds path/ladder blocks
Chisel Passive Content Decorative block variants
ChiselTones Passive Content Adds ZTones compatibility to Chisel
CodeChickenCore Active Library Dependency for ForgeMultipart & LogisticsPipes
CodeChickenLib Active Library Dependency for ForgeMultipart & LogisticsPipes
CoFH Core None Library Dependency for /cofh commands, Redstone Flux API
Compact Kinetic Generators None Content IC2 add-on
Computronics Passive Content ComputerCraft & OpenComputers add-on
Controlling Passive UI Search bar in keybind menu
CookingForBlockheads Active Content Adds kitchen/cooking QoL
Craft-Presence Passive Script Discord integration
CraftTweaker GTNH-only Script Custom recipe modifications
CreativeCore Passive Library Dependency for LittleTiles
CropLoadCore GTNH-only Library Dependency for bartworks
Crops-plus-plus GTNH-only Content IC2 crops add-on
Custom-Main-Menu Passive UI Custom loading screens / music
Default-Configs Passive Script Sets default keybinds for the pack
DefaultServerList Active Script Sets default servers for the pack
DefaultWorldGenerator Passive Script Forces "Realistic Alpha" as world type in SP
DetravScannerMod Passive Content Gregtech add-on
Draconic-Evolution Passive Content Late game tools/weapons/armor
DummyCore Passive Script Mod API
DuraDisplay GTNH-only UI Shows durability/charge percentages on items
Electro-Magic-Tools GTNH-only Content Thaumcraft add-on
EnderCore Passive Library Dependency for EnderIO & EnderZoo
EnderIO Passive Content Machines/tools/armor/weapons/automation
EnderStorage Passive Content Automation
EnderZoo Passive Content Extra mobs
EnhancedLootBags Passive Content Custom Enhanced Lootbags
Eternal-Singularity GTNH-only Content Singularity add-on
Extra Utilities None Content kitchen sink/QoL/automation
FastCraft None Script Server/client performance enchancments
FindIt Passive UI Search for nearby blocks
FloodLights Passive Content Lighting blocks
ForbiddenMagic Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
ForestryMC Passive Content Core Forestry - bees, trees & crops
Forgelin Active Script Backend library support
ForgeMultipart Passive Content / Library Decorative Forge Microblocks / API, dependency for ProjectRed & ProjectBlue, WirelessRedstone-CBE
ForgeRelocation Passive Script API for moving blocks
ForgeRelocationFMP Passive Script API for moving FMP blocks
Gadomancy Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
GalacticGregGT5 GTNH-only Script Galacticraft add-on
Galacticraft GTNH-only Content Rockets & planet dimensions
Galaxy-Space-GTNH GTNH-only Content Galacticraft add-on
gendustry Passive Content Forestry bees/trees/butterflies add-on
GigaGramFab GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
GoodGenerator GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
Gravitation-Suite-Neo GTNH-only Content Gravitation Suite add-on
Gravitation-Suite-old None Content IC2 add-on
GT5-Unofficial GTNH-only Content Core GregTech 5 mod
GTNEIOrePlugin Passive UI Adds Gregtech ore support to NEI
GTNH-Intergalactic Passive Content GalactiCraft & GalaxySpace add-on
GTNH-Lanthanides GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
GTNH-TC-Wands GTNH-only Content Adds Gregtech integration to Thaumcraft wands
GTNHLib Active Library Dependency for GTNH exclusive mods
GTplusplus GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
Hardcore Darkness None UI Disables vanilla's minimum block light
Hardcore-Ender-Expansion GTNH-only Content Adds End dimension content
harvestcraft GTNH-only Content Pam's Harvestcraft - crops & food
Healer Active Script Security fixes
HelpFixer Passive UI Fixes modded /help command
Hodgepodge Active Script Patches mod compatibility issues for GTNH
HoloInventory Passive UI Allows inventories to display contents as overlay
HungerOverhaul None Script Modifies hunger/food mechanics
HydroEnergy Passive Content Gregtech add-on
IC2 Crop-Breeding Plugin None UI Adds breeding simulation to IC2 Cropnalyzer
IFU Passive Content Ore Finder Wand
IguanaTweaksTConstruct Passive Content Tinker's Construct add-on
Industrial Craft 2 None Content Machines, power, tools & automation
Infernal-Mobs GTNH-only Content Infernal Mobs
InGame-Info-XML Passive UI InGame Info XML
INpureCore Passive Script Culls recipes from NEI
inventory-tweaks Passive UI QoL inventory/chest sorting, key shortcuts & auto-refill
ironchest Passive Content Upgradable, bigger chests
IronChestMinecarts GTNH-only Content Iron Chests add-on
Irontanks Passive Content Buildcraft add-on
Jabba Passive Content Adds Better Barrel storage & support items
JourneyMap Server None Script JourneyMap add-on
JourneyMap None UI Maps, waypoints & minimap
KekzTech GTNH-only Content GTNH exclusive Gregtech add-on
KubaTech GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
LittleTiles Passive Content Decorative tiny blocks
LogisticsPipes Passive Content Automation; re-implementation of the Buildcraft pipe system
LootGames GTNH-only Content Lootgames
LunatriusCore Passive Library Dependency for InGame Info XML & Schematica
lwjgl3ify Active Script Allows GTNH to run using Java 17, 19 & 20
MagicBees Passive Content Forestry bees add-on
MalisisCore Passive Library Dependency for MalisisDoors
MalisisDoors Passive Content Adds animations, doors & custom door builder
Mantle Passive Library Dependency for Forge mods, Natura
Minecraft-Backpack-Mod Passive Content Backpack (Editted for ModdedNetwork)
Minetweaker-Gregtech-5-Addon Passive Script MineTweaker add-on for Gregtech
Mobs-Info Active UI Adds Mob tab to NEI
ModTweaker Passive Script MineTweaker add-on for modded crafting support
ModularUI Passive Library GTNHMixins add-on for GUI support
Morpheus None Script Sleep voting for servers
MouseTweaks Passive Script MouseTweaks; QoL item handling behavior
MrTJPCore Passive Library Dependency for ProjectBlue & ProjectRed
MX-Random GTNH-only Library Randomness handler for GTNH
Natura Passive Content Adds biomes, bushes, crops & trees
NaturesCompass Passive Content Biome search tool
nei-custom-diagram Passive UI NEI add-on for diagram support
NEI-Integration Passive Library Custom NEI handlers for GTNH
neiaddons Passive UI NEI add-on for Forestry, Botany, Buildcraft, Bibliocraft & RemoteIO
NetherPortalFix Passive Script Patches vanilla Nether Portals to connect properly
NewHorizonsCoreMod GTNH-only Script Primary integration mod for the pack
Nodal-Mechanics Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
NotEnoughEnergistics Passive UI AE2 integration with NEI
NotEnoughIds Passive Library Patches hard-coded limit on block ID's
NotEnoughItems Active UI NEI; search & bookmark items
Nuclear-Control Passive Content IC2 add-on
Nutrition Unoffical Active UI / Script Adds food groups and diet buffs/debuffs
oauth Passive Script Login from multiplayer screen
OCGlasses Passive Script OpenComputers add-on
OpenBlocks Active Content Kitchen sink / QoL content
OpenComputers Passive Content Programmable robots & computers
OpenModsLib Passive Library Dependency for OpenBlocks & OpenModularTurrets
OpenModularTurrets Passive Content Customizable turrets
OpenPrinter Passive Content OpenComputers add-on
OpenSecurity Passive Content OpenComputers add-on
Opis Passive Utility Opis - debugging tool
OverloadedArmorBar Passive UI Show larger armor values in the GUI
Pam's Harvest the Nether None Content Pam's HarvestCraft add-on
PersonalSpace Active Content Personal Dimension
Player-API Passive Library Forge core API mod
ProjectBlue Passive Content ProjectRed add-on
ProjectRed Passive Content Logistics, logic gates & lighting
Railcraft GTNH-only Content Machines & minecart expansion
Random-Things None Content Kitchen sink content
Realistic-World-Gen Passive Script Custom World Generation
RemoteIO Passive Content Logistics / wireless redstone
Roguelike-Dungeons Passive Script Adds Roguelike Dungeons to worldgen
SC2 Passive Content Steve's Carts 2 - automation
Schematica Passive Utility Blueprint & build with schematics
SGCraft Passive Content Stargate
Share-Where-I-am Passive UI JourneyMap add-on
SleepingBags Passive Content Sleep w/o setting spawn point
SpecialMobs GTNH-only Content Adds more mob variants
SpiceOfLife - Carrot Edition Active UI / Script Eating restrictions & bonus hearts
Steve-s-Factory-Manager Passive Content Logistics, visual programming
StevesAddons Passive Content Steve's Factory Manager add-on
StorageDrawers-BiomesOPlenty Passive Content Storage Drawers add-on
StorageDrawers-Forestry Passive Content Storage Drawers add-on
StorageDrawers-Misc Passive Content Storage Drawers add-on
StorageDrawers-Natura Passive Content Storage Drawers add-on
StorageDrawers Passive Content Bulk item storage
StructureCompat GTNH-only Library Module for StructureLib
StructureLib GTNH-only Library GTNH implementation of TecTech's structure library.
Super-TiC Passive Content Tinker's Construct add-on
supersolarpanels Passive Content ZPM+ tier solar panels
Tainted-Magic GTNH-only Content Thaumcraft add-on
TC-4-Tweaks Active UI Tweaks and fixes for Thaumcraft's GUI's
TCNEIAdditions Passive Script Patches Thaumcraft NEI Plugin
TCNodeTracker Passive UI Thaumcraft add-on
TecTech GTNH-only Content Gregtech add-on
Thaumcraft NEI Plugin None UI Adds Thaumcraft integration to NEI
thaumcraft-research-tweaks Passive UI Thaumcraft add-on; improved research table
Thaumcraft None Content Primary magic mod for GTNH
ThaumcraftMobAspects Passive Script Thaumcraft addon; gives mobs aspects
Thaumic Machina None Content Thaumcraft add-on
Thaumic_Exploration Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
ThaumicBases Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
ThaumicEnergistics Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
ThaumicHorizons Active Content Thaumcraft add-on
thaumicinsurgence Active Content Thaumcraft add-on
ThaumicInventoryScanning Passive UI Thaumcraft add-on
ThaumicTinkerer Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
TiC-Tooltips Passive UI Tinker's Construct add-on
Tinkers' Defense Passive Content Tinker's Construct add-on
Tinkers-Gregworks GTNH-only Content Adds Gregtech materials to Tinker's Construct
TinkersConstruct Active Content Modular tools & Smeltery
TinkersMechworks Passive Content Tinker's Construct add-on
TooMuchLoot Passive Script Custom loot tables
ToroHealth Passive UI Heal/harm values shown above entities
Translocators Passive Content Logistics
Travellers Gear None UI / Content Expanded equipment slots
TravellersGearNeo Passive Script Traveller's Gear add-on
twilightforest Active Content Twilight Forest dimension
TX-Loader Active Script Resource loader and directory assistant
UniMixins Active Library Backend mixin support, dependency for BugTorch
Universal-Singularities GTNH-only Content Avaritia add-on
VisualProspecting Passive UI JourneyMap add-on; ore vein & fluid field support
waila Passive UI Waila; tooltips for looked-at blocks
WailaHarvestability Passive UI Waila add-on; level & effective tool
WAILAPlugins Passive UI Waila add-on; compatibility with Forestry, Pam's Harvestcraft, Railcraft, ProjectRed, Blood Magic, Gregtech, & IC2
WanionLib Passive Library Dependency for Eternal Singularities & Avaritiaddons
WarpTheory Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
WAWLA Passive UI Waila add-on; more block, enchantment and animal data
WirelessCraftingTerminal Passive Content AE2 add-on
WirelessRedstone-CBE Passive Content Wireless redstone
Witchery None Content Witchy themed magic mod
WitcheryExtras Passive Script Custom modding of Witchery
WitchingGadgets Passive Content Thaumcraft add-on
Yamcl Passive Library Yet Another Modding CoreLibrary
Ztones None Content Decorative blocks