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Breaking Changes

Be sure to read Breaking Changes and Known Issues when updating!

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GTNH Core Mod

  • A few EnderIO materials have had wires added. This may affect recipes for fine wire (no longer one-step in wiremill), so check your automation setups! [1]
  • Melodic alloy dust recipe adjusted to use oriharukon dust instead of mysterious crystal dust. May end up adding mysterious crystal back into stellar alloy recipe somehow. [2] [3]
  • Addition of new tiers of Electric Air Filters to clean pollution.


  • View mode button in quest book, which will show most quests. This is enabled by default, look in the lower left to turn it back off.
  • Some quests more obviously indicate what you need to do - hover over a quest to see if it has additional dependencies (mainly in Steam).
  • Many other quest improvements.


  • New aluminum line - check NEI or search the Twilight Forest for cryolite - spawns with galena (need to find new veins not found before)
  • The Naquadah power line has been reworked
  • Autoclaves and Mixers have a new slot - if you want, you can remove everything from before update to prevent a fluid spill
  • You can directly drain fuel from a generator, a super tank or a input hatch by clicking on the fluid display with cells now
  • Large cells now work with machines better, and show their contents
  • Ender pearls, eggs, snowballs, and GregTech hot ingots now stack to 64, instead of 16
  • Circuit component (resistor, diode, etc.) recipes now include a programmed circuit. Check your automation setups!
  • Cleanroom now supports elevator / travel anchor in floor, and more glass types in walls
  • Vacuum freezer now works on fluids
  • New UI to lock output hatches with a fluid cell
  • Miners (single- and multi-block) now replace ores that they mine with cobble, avoiding leaving air gaps
  • Silicon dioxide (SiO2) can no longer be split into Si and O2 using the electrolyzer but can be separated using an MV centrifuge (for increased EU)
  • Cheaper recipe for NAND chips (ULV)
  • Fill your toolbox with repair tools and use it like duct tape! [4]
  • Also can use the toolbox to fix maintenance w/o opening a GUI (robot can do that too)
  • Added GregTech cell support for a bunch more fluids: [5] [6]
  • Standardized single-block machine and multi-block hatch fluid capacities[7]
    • If you are running a bio vat you may want to confirm your settings are based on percentages not absolute bucket values as those have changed
    • In particular, the brewery now has >1000 fluid capacity, so it can now be filled with cells in the UI
  • Handcrafting recipes for mixing some alloy dusts have been removed. This will now require a mixer.[8]
  • EV motor recipe changed.[9]
  • Long distance fluid pipes (LDFPs) now have a minimum length of 64 blocks. No more easily abusing them for your steam setups. Note that this is 64 blocks total distance away, or higher if going straight up.
  • Automatically upgrade old assembly line data sticks to new ones when recipes change[10]
  • Precision laser engraver wafer recipes organized by lens color.[11]
  • Tiny dusts removed from most ore processing - replaced with percentage chance at full (same over time)[12]
  • Generators can now face up or down[13]
  • Supertanks/chests can now be broken and moved with contents (gives a very strong debuff) [14] [15]
  • Ghost circuits for machines (single-block only for now) and you can reconfigure circuits by hand (if a screwdriver or programmer is in your inventory)[16]
  • Can now set a minimum threshold for item detector cover and fluid detector cover. A redstone signal will not be output until the threshold is reached.[17]
  • Pollution is back! Smog and dirt particles can be disabled in /config/GregTech/client.cfg
  • New infinite oil/gas/fluid drilling rig, to pump infinite amount of underground fluids (UHV).


  • NEI has many improvements, including a complete ore processing overview and a circuit diagram


  • Thaumcraft wands rebalanced
  • Thaumcraft's wand charging pedestal now works with centi-vis (energized nodes)
  • New Thaumcraft research UI – visit that link or see these two videos for more: 1 and 2
  • New multiblock for Thaumcraft research - eats nodes and power to let you skip the research minigame[18]
  • Warp effects rebalance - Proposed rebalance - the final version may be slightly different [19]


  • Rails and other train-related items are now cheaper/produce more
  • Energy can now be stored in large dams - there's a quest in MV to help you set it up


  • Oxygen canisters can no longer be directly filled from LOX canisters - use the oxygen compressor


  • GT++ semi-fluid generators have been fixed [20] [21]
  • GT++ overflow cover now has a UI to configure it. [22]
  • Two new processing chains: Milling for more ore multiplying, LFTR for advanced nuclear fission. Both are around the IV-LuV tiers. [23]


  • Fixed a bug that was preventing bee breeding from taking alveary climate modifiers into account. This makes several bee species possible to breed.

Tinker's Construct

  • Fixed upgrading of Tinker's bolts and arrows. If you have a broken bolt from before, upgrade it again to fix it
  • Slime tree trunks can now be harvested with axes
  • Tinkers shard, bowstring, and fletching casts can now be stored in the Pattern Chest

Ender IO

  • Fixed capacitors not working after server restart in a bunch of Ender IO machines. Previously affected machines will need to have their capacitors manually removed and replaced once more, then they should be good. [24]
  • Added one-step mixer recipes for many Ender IO material dusts
    • Conductive Iron
    • Energetic Alloy
    • Energetic Silver
    • Vivid Alloy
    • Vibrant Alloy
    • Dark Steel
    • End Steel
    • Melodic Alloy
  • Added 4 new tiers of Ender IO ender fluid conduit, which have better throughput. [25]
  • Filters may be set with ghost items from NEI
  • Conduit GUIs have been reworked to show insert and extract side-by-side, backported and adapted from the 1.12.2 version


  • Prospected ore veins and fluids will appear as their own layer in Journeymap. No more waypoint spam!
    • Note that the first time loading a world this will process all existing dimensions and may appear hung!
    • Detecting veins with ore finding wand now automatically adds them to the map ("Visual Prospecting" integration with "I will find you") [26] [27]

Applied energistics

  • Added covered dense AE cable (doesn't show how many channels are used). This will help reduce lag.
  • Button added to AE2 pattern terminal to double ingredients for a pattern
  • Drag&Drop from NEI or bookmarks to search string
  • Fluid P2P are bidirectional
  • Crafting status button may be moved next to other buttons in terminal GUI (config option)
  • Patterns in the interfaces are visible with Holoinventory glasses
  • Search string is (optionally) persistent in Wireless Crafting Terminal too


  • Buffer capacity added to BM altar interface
  • Add NEI drag&drop support to database GUI
  • Added RC anchors driver
  • Added support for aarch64 native CPU architecture
  • Added fluid container item converter (Volumetric flask, certus tank, universal cell, etc.)
  • Forestry circuit boards internal layout exposed
  • Beekeeper upgrade for the robot to work with bees


  • Nanosuit Boots of the Traveller now work with elevators
  • The CAL can now be rotated


  • More tiers of Railcraft multi-block tanks! The neutronium tank already got nerfed because it wrapped INT_MAX like fifty times. [28]


  • Many new assembler recipes for things that only had crafting table before
    • Computer screens and parts
    • Nuclear parts and pieces (possibly a new nuke could be built by disassembling some ...)

Infernal Mobs

  • Vengeance mobs nerfed to not reflect more damage than their HP[29][30]


  • Forestry worktables can now be moved with a dolly, which will preserve saved recipes. [31]

Known Issues

These are issues/bugs that are known and not intended. Fixes are in the works.

  • Chemplant will not run without at least one catalyst, even if not needed (or used) by the current recipe.[32]
  • Assline datasticks may not work at all! [33]
  • Steam Grinder multiblock does not form or work.[34]
  • PSS will not form if output hatches are on the top layer. Move them elsewhere for now. It also doesn't need a maintenance hatch.[35]
  • Some multi blocks have stricter requirements now, check the blueprint/quest carefully, and look for hatches/busses/etc not mentioned.
  • Solar panels from the Super Solar Panel mod do not work if they are placed after updating to[36] (not confirmed, might still work)
  • VisualProspecting may crash out on loading a save. Disable the mod (rename to .jars) to allow the world to load. Alternatively, temporarily give Java as much memory as you have available (or more if you have swap) to let it load, save, and restore your settings.[37]
  • JABBA barrels with storage drawers do not display the correct amount of items in AE2. [38]

Breaking Changes

These are changes that modify recipes or disable machines, potentially breaking autocrafting setups. Make sure you update your crafting patterns.

  • Turbine wall sharing is greatly reduced. You can figure some out, but the overlapping turbine texture will not work anymore. !feature is gone.[39]
  • The filtering modes of enderIO have been slightly modified. Check your filters after updating the pack.[40]
  • GT Power now uses ENET for calculations. This means that non-GT devices may get no power! Add a machine hull somewhere on the cable to allow power to flow, for example, with IC2 farms. As long as there is a path between the generator and something like a machine hull or other GT device, it should work.
  • Because of the ENET changes, shutters on cables will no longer disconnect power. Place two diodes together and use a shutter and a machine cover. If trying to disconnect a PSS on a 64 amp wire, you may be out of luck.
  • Pollution is on! There are new multi blocks to help mitigate, but now may be the time to retire those old BBFs.
  • Crafting mode of the Large Scale Auto Assembler v1.01 has been disabled - this is the mode that builds crafting table recipes. If you used that, raise a ticket on GitHub and we may be able to add an assembler recipe.
  • Silicon Dioxide electrolyzer recipe has been disabled - there is a similar but more expensive one in the centrifuge.
  • Aluminium dust in an EBF now requires HV power and the faster recipe uses oxygen instead of nitrogen. The cheap aluminium ingot recipe now uses alumite and cryolite.
    • Cryolite is found in the Twilight Forest in new chunks only! You may consider backing up your world and deleting DIM7 to completely reset the Twilight Forest, or explore further to find new chunks.
  • EV motors are now crafted with 4x black steel wires, not annealed copper.
  • Drawer controllers now scan 50 spaces at a radius of 4. You can edit config/StorageDrawers.cfg to choose other limits, but be aware it can introduce lag. If you do change it, you may need to break and rebuild your drawer controllers.
  • Data sticks for assembling line are now auto-updating, so make sure to check your setups before ordering assline recipes.
  • Graphene is now crafted in assembling machines with *-doped wafers and refined glue. Or in a Molecular Transformer with carbon dust. You pick.
  • Fiber-reinforced circuit boards now use aluminium foil instead of copper foil.
  • Internal GT machine slot numbers have changed, so if you're using robot arms or OpenComputer things that reference them, you may want to double-check them.
Laser Engraver
Recipe output Old recipe New recipe
Simple SoC Wafer (x16) Naquadah doped wafer + Green Lens Naquadah doped wafer + Orange Lens
Simple SoC Wafer (x64) Europium doped wafer + Cyan Lens Europium doped wafer + Orange Lens
Random Access Memory Chip (Wafer) (x16) Europium doped wafer + Green Lens Europium doped wafer + Cyan Lens
Random Access Memory Chip (Wafer) (x32) Americium doped wafer + Green Lens Americium doped wafer + Cyan Lens
ASoC Wafer (x1) Naquadah doped wafer + Orange Lens Naquadah doped wafer + Green Lens
ASoC Wafer (x2) Europium doped wafer + Red Lens Europium doped wafer + Green Lens
ASoC Wafer (x4) Americium doped wafer + Red Lens Americium doped wafer + Green Lens
NPIC Wafer (x1) Europium doped wafer + Orange Lens Europium doped wafer + Red Lens
NPIC Wafer (x2) Americium doped wafer + Orange Lens Americium doped wafer + Red Lens

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