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Mod Upgrade:

  • Adventure Backpack 0.9-h10
  • Core Mod 1.5.39
  • Electro Magic Tools
  • Gregtech
  • GTNH-TC-Wands 1.0.4
  • GT Scanner Mod 1.5.3

Mod Changes:


  • -fixed cell hydration cell recipe
  • -can't make cake in assembler - milk won't pipe in #3527
  • -change iron3 chloride to the material in recipes
  • -Added Bio CPU
  • -re-added PicoCircuit and QuantumCircuit as UV and UHV Circuits, Nano Circuit is not registered as Neutronium Circuit
  • -Alternative Primitive Circuits for MV #3438
  • -working on new circuits and boards
  • -fix uhv superconductore wires
  • -fix broken circuit recipes
  • -OpenComputers - Rack doesn't craft in the assembler. #3575


  • -fluid regulater adjustment is broken #3535
  • -possible fix on Crash - Fluid Registry Issues - #3536
  • -add texture liquidair
  • -remove iron3chloride from fluid list because it is an material now. Same for Lifeessence
  • -Sunnarium fusion recipe #3534
  • -Un-Nerf Liquid Air #3517
  • -Java does not handle integer division in the expected way when going negative. Have to use Math.floorDiv() instead.
  • -Fixed Java exception when removing chunks from list.
  • -added config option to allow broken recipe map for debug purposes
  • -rename oil drill to oil/fluid/gas drill
  • -Add more high tier circuit parts and boards + add textures
  • -Correct name of Superconductor for UHV
  • -More Bio Circuit parts
  • -add reinforced Glass tubes + add recipes for it
  • -add Crystal soc 2 recipe
  • -correcting superconductors + add bio tier
  • -Added new Solar Panels from UHV to UIV (no recipes yet)
  • -change to new fluids for nq reactors.
  • -rename all from wires to Superconductore uhv
  • -remove unused materials because of error: code too large
  • -Add recipe for Promethium
  • -Fix Saltwater Huge thanks to @Frytes
  • -fix superconductor wire color to white back
  • -fix Block alloy glass
  • -change solar pannels to meta generated items 03 add ass line localizer for items
  • -Change Prometium Recipe
  • -Pipe/Cable overhaul & Add filter output on fluid filters
  • -Unified connect() method for pipes/wires - each subclass has it's own canConnect(), letsIn(), and letsOut() methods that map to the specifics for that implementation
  • - Shift Clicking while placing a GT machine will now try connecting to the cable/pipe it is placed on
  • -You can open a connection to the air for pipes & wires, allowing the next thing you place down to auto connect (ie: a JABBA barrel)
  • -Distribute Fluids - Modeled after several of the upstream PRs
  • -Fluid regulators on pipes should stop spazzing out now
  • -Fluid filter covers - Now work with filtering output
  • -Fix: Colored cables/pipes properly connect (or don't) to each other based on color
  • -Trigger connection evaluation on painting of cables/pipes or machines
  • -Trigger connection evaluation on placement of blocks -- IE: A wire/pipe open to air, and then a dirt block is placed on it - this will close the pipe/wire connection
  • -Fix weirdness if only one of the gt6 pipes/cables are enabled
  • -added replacement class for ALL of the Nq Gen classes....
  • -Changed Nq Reactors to use the new Universal Class
  • -remove unused stuff and rename fuels
  • -remove core mod hard dependencies
  • -fix naquadah reactor wiredness
  • -Various fixes Added GT-FML-Log
  • -Added an Exception if a Nq reactor without recipe map is created
  • -Added the ability to add ReinforcedGlass in the CleanroomWalls (
  • -Added a config option for changing the ReinforcedGlass percentage
  • -Renamed Materials2 -> GTNH_ExtraMaterials and fixed it
  • -added tooltip for glass
  • -cleaned up code a bit
  • -GC Energy Compat
  • -GT cables now properly fill GalacticCraft machines with Energy
  • -IC2/AE2 Energy Compat
  • -Updated IC2 & AE2 energy compatability
  • -Added an option ic2EnergySourceCompat (default is on) to allow GT cables to pull energy directly from IC2 energy sources (nuclear reactors, MSFEs, etc) without the need for a transformer
  • -Filling IC2/AE2 energy buffers will now send multiple amps if needed
  • -Use a set instead of an arraylist for transfer electricity; deprecated backwards compatiable method left in
  • -handle nulls

GT Scanner Mod

-Fixed issue with Electronic Prospector having issues with single-chunk scan. Upped version

-Change from fixed colors for fixed fluids, to assigned colours using a HashMap.

-New fluids will need to be added to the map.

-Tweaked display so instead of trying to change the color displayed in the chunk, it now fills in the chunk indicating how much fluid is located there.

-Fixed offset for the crosshairs vs the player's actual location.

GTNH Wands Mod

  • -Added Method to add/modiefy Wand Caps
  • -Fixed Craftable Wands
  • -Update

Electro Magic Tools

  • -added Large Essentia Gen
  • -updated Single Block Solars and Single Block Essentia Gen to use @mitchej123 fix
  • -added Large Essentia Gen support Blocks
  • -added Super Nice Textures thanks to @LogicFalls
  • -added Essentia Hatch
  • -added Essentia Filler to support the Essentia Hatch
  • -changed load order of the EU map (since Avaritia registers its aspect way too late...)
  • -fixed Ichorium based recipe
  • -fixed a Typo in the Information String[]
  • -fixed a few bugs, removed unused variables & imports
  • -added a ingame book containing the fuelmap

Config changes:

Custom Tooltips

  • -Command Blocks for Better Questing - disable 2? #3201


  • -Liquid Air values too low to actually pump. Made floor and increased top end.
  • -add new tier circuits infos
  • -update gt cfgs

Added/Changed Recipes:

Electro Magic Tools

  • -added Recipes for the Large Essentia Generator and support Blocks.


  • -Coin Mold / Coin Shape on official Servers #3580

Thaumic Bases

  • -Tiny Suggestion - Recipe to Switch Thaumic Relocator Type #3520
  • -[recipe] Making Amber(Thaumic bases) #3118

Quests changes:

  • -Tier 7, Superconductors 32768 quest requirements #3526
  • -Memory card quest (#1331) is impossible to complete #3525
  • -Lich bone chip for coins quest #3524
  • -Synthetic Rubber (#1615) asks for wrong kind of steam cells #3518
  • -Qbit Wafer and Chip (#1679) has quantity mis-match #3516
  • -Glass Fiber (#1675) has quantity mis-match #3515
  • -Add quests explaining underground liquids off-world #3543
  • -Salt for your salty mouth quest not repeatable #3574
  • -Suggestion: Remove requirements for oil in quests #3561

Version History