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Mod Upgrade:

  • Adventurebackpack 0.9fbeta10
  • Backpack 2.2.3
  • Craft Tweake 3.0.12
  • Draconic Evolution 1.0.2j
  • Enhanced Loot Bags 1.0.1
  • Gravi Suite 2.0.67u1
  • Gregtech
  • GT New Horizons CoreMod 1.3.01
  • Inventory Tweaks 1.59.156
  • Open Security 1.0-97

Config changes:

  • Many Mods(Deactivated Update checker)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • Biome o Plenty(Limestone recipe)
  • Jabba(Assembler Barrel fix)
  • Minecraft (Assembler Barrel fix, Trapdoor fix chet fix)
  • Open Blocks(Rope Ladder fix)

Code changes:

  • Core Mod (remove Tceti from Oregen because the planet crash, Another ways of making T1 EBF coils and fix tinny pipe rendering, Make ebf less annoying, Pipe fix, )
  • Gregtech (Fix tinny pipe/wire renderer and add reverse recipes for coils, Glue fixed, Naqudria MOX, Add 1G heat Cap and vent/exchanger vac freezer recipes, Set macerates into properly,)

Quests changes:

  • Fix a lot of Quests and add some new ones. Not rember all.

Version History