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Mod Upgrade:

  • Adventurebackpack 0.9 gbeta 16
  • Binnies Mods 2.0.20
  • Gregtech
  • GT Plus Plus 1.5.6b

Config changes:

  • AE2(Removal of grindstone NEI Recipes)
  • Gt++ and Gt config update,
  • Lootgames(lootgames unusable item, maybe glitched? #1662)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • AE2(Removal of grindstone NEI Recipes)
  • Avaritia(Infinity items #1649, Add recipe for Neutron Collector and Compressor)
  • Harvestcraft(Loot bag now in the Quest Menu)
  • Steve Carts(SteveCarts with Reinforced tools cant be repaired #1672)
  • Tinkers COnstruct(Manyullyn possible to make in smeltery #1665)
  • Thaumcraft(Thaumcraft Mirrored Glass #1668)

Code changes:

  • Core Mod(SteveCarts with Reinforced tools cant be repaired #1672, Infinity need low gravity, Carbon ingots #1632, Annealed Copper Rods #1656, LV Pump can be crafted with paper rings #1670
  •, Ash rebalance #1159, )
  • GT(Add Low Gravity option to Centrifuge recipes, Added recipe to get Infinity in the UV Centrifuge, Adjusted cracked fluid distillation speed, LightFuel/Naphtha balance, LV Pump can be crafted with paper rings #1670
  •, Added the Large Chemical Reactor Controller inventory to the item input, Remove smog "shader")

Quests changes:

  • Fix Placholder Quest icons (inguna Tinker heads), all vanilla mobs quests due coins=spawner eggs, Bounce Pad Quest #1630, [] Extremely large number of products required in a quest. Split Bio Diesel Quests from Platic Quests #1640, maple syrup #1652, Novice Thaumaturge Quest uncompletable "Not Just for Decoration" #1664, Railcraft Steam Oven Quest #1663, Excavator quest #744 requires excess items #1654

Version History