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New Mods:

  • Berries ++ 1.0.2

Mod Upgrade:

  • Gregtech
  • GTNewHorizonsCoreMod 1.5.17
  • GT-Scanner-Mod 1.4
  • Hunger Overhaul 1.0.2
  • Loot Games 1.0.16
  • Tec Tech 3.6.2b
  • Thaumic Exploration 1.1.72-0
  • Tinkers Construct
  • Utility Worlds 1.0.9d

Config changes:

  • Core Mod(Add chunk-loader coin Tooltips, Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)
  • IC2(make Wind (5x) and Water (10X) Generators better,)
  • Loot Games(New loot games config)
  • Railcraft(Add 2 Chunk loader Coins Tooltips)

Added/Changed Recipes:

  • AE/Extra Cells(Changing the new storage component recipe back to pre 1.5/2.0 recipe. #2333)
  • Avaritia(Infinity wires madness #2364)
  • Buildcraft(Disable Water springs)
  • Chisel(Add Black Granite to Abyssal Stone Chisel Variants)
  • Extra Utilities(QED too expensive #2344)
  • Forestry (In NEI recipe, Irradiated Comb centrifuge and produce nothing. #2356)
  • Galacticraft(Frequency Module isn't craftable anymore #2342)
  • Gregtech(Add tool tips for batteries, add tooltip for ZPM Module too, Add Tooltips to Seismic Prospectors)
  • GT++(Field Generator have different recipes #2332 thats why i disabled Component Assembler)
  • IC2(Change IC2 Water Generator recipes, Add more mining pipe recipes)
  • Magic Bees(Jade material for GT Tools #2365 and Moon Dail)
  • Open Blocks(remove dev 0)
  • Random Things(remove bloodstone recipe)
  • Railcraft(remove different ingots from RC Blast furnace(GT++), Railcraft Energy Loaders way too expensive #2347, [suggestion] force track emitter recipe #2349, fix creosote wood slabs duplication,)
  • Tainted Magic(Void metal is not auto craftable if void essence is researched #2362)
  • Thcumcraft/Gadomany(Ancient Stone -> Slab #2369)
  • Thaumic Tinker(Cannot perform Bottomless Pouch infusion #2323)
  • Twilight Forest(Ironwood rework #2316)
  • Witchery(Cant make witches oven for a quest because ''block of steel fence'' cant be made or found in NEI #2327, Fix Wormwood recipe)
  • ZZ-Client(change coin recipes)
  • Many Mods(When creating watches, electric tools are not used #2373 oredict gt tools in recipes)

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • (Ore washer needs a pump in recipe, i18n placeholder config, Code cleanup, revert if breaks shit., update dependencies Add a com recipes for irradiant comb, Add two new Chunk loader coins)


  • (commented out old and deprecated chem. recipes, remove Acetone and Calcium Acetate Solution smelting recipes. There are machine recipes for it., reduce fluid heater recipe to max 30 EU/t from 32 EU/t
  • Acetone to Ethenone fluid heater recipe need now 160 eu/t like the distillery recipe, Ethenone recipes using now mv to make tetranitromethane, remove light fuel as Cetan Diesel source,
  • Change high octane gasoline recipe to be balanced, revert Tetranitromethane time and set it to 120 eu/t, Remove all 32 eu/t recipes and replace them with 30 eu/t recipes, Cleanup materials list,
  • Optimize imports an add molten cells, remove smeltable into gems, Add Fluid Canner recipes for missing molten recipes materials, remove Concrete and change to 1000L per cell,
  • Fix molten cells, add samarium/magnetic samarium properly..., Change to 144mb molten cells, change samarium color, change manually added recipes to 144l, Ore washer needs a pump in recipe,
  • Redstone Alloy Wires can use rubber now for cables (in the assembler), Allow use of wire cutter/soldering item on the tile entity, as well as the wire, for a connect/disconnect, Add Redstone Alloy Wire to wire mill recipes,
  • GT6 cable quality of life improvements, revert soldering tool behavior, lang file typos, Added missing overlays, made the passtrough of wire cutting/connectiong trough gt machine blocks work only if the player is isneaking.
  • And because of that, added back the soldering iron support.Typo fixes, Config to disable placeholder "%material", Solar panel fix, Make solar panels always look connected, and allow energy injection from
  • unknown directions, Localization bugfix & improvement, Added Soldering Iron for MV, HV, fixed Silicon to Silicone, Make AE2 GT-p2p tunnels connect to gt cables (#73), Save/load NBT data for Large Turbine - HP STeam
  • (#74), Adjust pollution levels on BBFs 50-->200, Add tier based range change method., Added MV,HV Seismic prospector, change recipes for seismic prospectors, change the range, Add stepping changes to prospector.
  • change size of Seismic prospector, Fix UO blacklist, change Adv prospector to 16x16 chunks radius 128 (server limit 8 chunks radius), Make the description more accurate on Soldering Iron, ADD MORE TOOLS,
  • Extruder cell recipe #2331, changed recipes using 32 eu/t to 30eu/t, Cells produced from nothing when placing rutile into chemical reactor #2339, Arc Furnace uses now 30 instead of 32 eu /3 amps,
  • NEI page access of Primitive Blast Furnace, Fix iridium neutron reflector behavior, patch a render issue Nei, Fix that the main facing of basic machines can be set to top/bottom, Fix #1039,
  • Add new Multiblock chem recipes for Fuel and Cetan Fuel, Change old ones in the mixer, New Diesel/Cetan Diesel nerfs/buffs, Change Gasoline and high Octane Gasoline recipes MV-->HV , HV ---> EV,
  • Change burn value Gasoline 576K and High Octane Gasoline 1152k, Add recipes to large chemical reactor, Jade material for GT Tools #2365, try to add recycle recipes to all NC sensor cards,
  • Some tweaks to oil rig - test some, Output bus pipe fix take two (#85), Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections, Fix derp (output vs input), Make flint more durable for Mortars,
  • Hydrogen and Nitrogen quality of life alternate recipes #2378, Update drain/fill to take into account pipe connections,

Quests changes:

  • Change nbt data for seed bags to work now in quests, bee breeding quest 1116 retrieval issue #2306, fixed amount of drones needed for one quest, Add Gt++ Advanced Steam Boiler to Tier 2 Quest,
  • Add Lossless Wire Quest for LV, add new hv battery Quests and Buffers, Kinetic Wind and Water Generation Quests, Gt 6 styled pipes and wires Quests, Update quest file and change a bit MV Quest is access able,
  • new XBow Quests, Bow Quests, fix Ender IO Armor and Tools Quest #2317, Ironwood and Steeleaf Quest, Suggestion for the Coins quests #2326 Quests #2320, change LV crafting to retrieval quests,
  • remove dependencies on QED Quest, make Quartz quest optional, change Sodium and Lithium Quests, Alveary quest requite wrong amount of casings #2340, Bee Quests #2338,
  • Add more Quest for coins. Soap and Salt for warp, Damascus steel, A lot of quest changes and coin addition, fix advanced electric jetpack quest #2351, add Thaumium Ingot quest add info to crucible quest,
  • Batteries not can filled without Battery Buffer in quest after Bat Quests, fix some quests for new Diesel recipes, Twilight boss quest suggestions #2363, Food Can #2367, Add Information's panel quest,
  • OreDict recipes and quests using Advanced Circuits #2377, fix pile igniter quest bronze plates now retrieval quest

Version History