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Mod Upgrade:

  • AngerMod-1.7.10-0.6
  • AppleCore-mc1.7.10-1.3.9
  • ArchitectureCraft-1.7.2-mc1.7.10
  • BiomesOPlenty-1.7.10-
  • BlockLimiter-1.7.10-0.52
  • BloodArsenal-1.7.10-1.2-7a
  • CropLoadCore-0.0.8
  • CropsPP-1.2.8
  • Draconic-Evolution-1.7.10-1.0.2l
  • ElectroMagicTools-[1.7.10]a
  • EnhancedLootBags-1.7.10-1.0.2b
  • GalacticGreg-1.7.10-0.9.8a
  • GalacticraftCore-1.7-
  • Galacticraft-Planets-1.7-
  • GalaxySpace-1.1.3b STABLE
  • gregtech-
  • GT Scanner Mod-1.4.2
  • gtneioreplugin-1.7.10-1.0.6-GT-NH
  • GTNewHorizonsCoreMod-1.7.10-1.5.24
  • GT-PlusPlus-1.7.0-prerelease-11-final
  • IguanaTinkerTweaks-1.7.10-
  • MicdoodleCore-1.7-
  • NodalMechanics-1.1-1DEV
  • OpenComputers-MC1.7.10-
  • SpecialMobs-1.7.10-3.3.0
  • SuperTic-1.2.0
  • TConstruct-1.7.10-
  • TecTech-1.7.10-3.6.5
  • Thaumic-Based-[1.7.10] 1.4.17-0
  • thaumicenergistics-
  • ThaumicTinkerer-1.7.10 2.5-1.7.10-555
  • TooMuchLoot-1.7.10-4.0.3.B2a
  • WarpTheory-1.7.10-1.0i-DEV
  • YAMCore-1.7.10-0.5.78

Config changes:

Advanced Backpacks

Update adventurebackpack.cfg

Core Mod

Update dreamcraft.cfg Fixed Avarita-SkullfireSword config Added EMT and AdvSolar SolarPanels to WA Ignore list

GT accelerator works on solar blocks #2690

Ender IO

  • [config][suggestion] tooltip for travel anchors and minor cooldown tweak #2899


  • Stained Clay doesn't go into Diggers Backpack. #2714
  • Suggested default option in Forestry/common.cfg #2792
  • Suggested default lepidopterology.cfg - to decrease the butterfly spam/lag We just killed off 2500 butterflies on our server. #2791


  • Galacticraft Sealable Blocks Incorrect Config #2743


  • Crash looking into nei when checked assline blocks #2850


  • [Suggestion] automating maintenance #2719
  • EntityCramming resolves
  • new WorldGen config for orgen update see
  • Improvements greatly reduced filesize fixed astroid dim not generating ores


  • to load game faster


  • GT++ frames are way, way, too cheap #2689 update GT++ configs

Open Computers

  • new oc configs
  • OpenComputers warning message on every game load / login #2692


  • Replace Pam's salt with Edible Salt

Thaumcraft Mob Aspects

  • Witches not giving thaumcraft mob aspects when killed #2885

Tinkers Construct

  • remove random modifier from Iguana and add a few more extra modifier for testing

Added/Changed Recipes:

Advanced Backpacks

  • Update Advanced-Backpacks.zs


  • inconsistency for AE2 recipes #2681


  • fixes #2807 (#2828)

Blood Magic

  • Life infuser from Blood arsenal... #2834


  • abyssal stone chiseling #2718

Core Mod

  • [balance] coke oven bricks in alloy smelter are not benefitial / take too long #2754
  • #2754 fixed RedSand not useable for coke oven bricks in alloy smelter.
  • ore sand not working @bartimaeusnek we dont using newest GTTweaker version
  • Update CoreMod.zs
  • Moved Alloy Smelter Recipes to the coremod

Forbidden Magic

  • Forbidden Magic Wands #2860 and Caps
  • Thaumic Bases & Forbidden Magic


  • Rainforrest Oak Saplings to biomass #2678,
  • remove void frame from GT++ (removed in code)
  • added new GT++ frames
  • Fixed small issure on cocoa frame tooltip


  • Electromagic tools infusion recipes and gregtech metaitems #2694
  • fix for #2733

Ender IO

  • [config][suggestion] tooltip for travel anchors and minor cooldown tweak #2899

Galaxy Space

  • crash galaxy space #2781 remove Solar Pannel


  • Varja gated at UHV #2684
  • fix for #2747 made the Personal Relocator as an upgrade to the DE teleporterMKII


  • GT++ frames are way, way, too cheap #2689 update GT++ configs
  • Add all new frames from gt++ to mt script


  • Gearboxes require different materials #2887

Magic Bees

  • Add automated way to convert IC2 fertilizer into Forestry fertilizer #2855


  • Pressure plates provide too much burn value #2805


  • Replace Pam's salt with Edible Salt

Tainted Magic

  • Shadowmetal Attuned Obsidian Scepter #2843

Thaumic Base

  • remove old Thaumic bases file
  • Thaumic Bases & Forbidden Magic

Thaumic Tinker

  • Block of Ichorium is craftable in the compressor #2849

Tinkers Construct

  • [suggestion] Grout recipe putting buckets back to your hotbar #2697
  • Added info-tooltip for oreberries placeable on crops.

Vanilla MC

  • Packed Ice recipe Compressor / Crafting table / Crucible #2699
  • Rainforest Oak doesn't go in the Advanced Coke Oven #2771
  • [recipe] oredicted recipe to make wooden pressure plates overlaps with the GT plank covers that are not oak #2801
  • Pressure plates provide too much burn value #2805

Many Mods

  • Just list of things that annoys me alot - tier 1 #2831
  • [recipe] oredicted recipe to make wooden pressure plates overlaps with the GT plank covers that are not oak #2801

Code changes:

Core Mod

  • Various new textures, Most dusts, GTNH Coremod dusts for planet specific materials have been unified with the GT variants (hot/cold ingots not yet)
  • New items for the GTNH coremod are changed to fit their crafting components better. Also takes care of a visual glitch with the seaweed extract and the stargate crystal dust (alpha < 1 is not rendered properly)
  • New Textures. Nano items mostly. Didn't change much about the Quantum Armor because there isn't much to improve on the current items vs on what the armor simply ends up looking like
  • Varja gated at UHV #2684
  • Don't oredict planet mercury dust to mercury dust. Stops redstone from centrifuging into planet mercury dust
  • add new wlan card from oc
  • Various fixes fixed #2700 #2713 partitial fix for #2442 (EiO alloysmelter disable in the script) #2704 (other superconductor issures for gravisuit are fixed in script)
  • fixed dark quartz needs 1 instead of 4 black dye
  • fix for fused glass in alloy smelter chembath recipe for dark fused quartz & dark fused glass
  • changed circuits to GT_Utility.getIntegratedCircuit(1)
  • Unified code style (no new content) changed ItemList.Circuit_Integrated.getWithDamage to GT_Utility.getIntegratedCircuit
  • Pump recipe in assembling line #2674
  • Excessive cooling of superconductors #2735
  • [Idea] Circuit boards crafting #2762
  • increase tank size in Arc and Plasma Arc furnace
  • Add Edible Salt item for use as Harvestcraft salt Icon is borrowed from Infitech 2 core mod, which is GPL licensed (same as GTNH coremod)
  • Override any vanilla burn times with Minetweaker GTNewHorizons/NewHorizons/#2805
  • General Improvments Added GT_Recipe_Remover Class and moved all removeRecipeByOutput from GT_CraftingRecipeLoader class to it
  • Pulled Alloysmelter recipes from CoreMod minetweaker script to the GT_MachineRecipeLoader
  • Fixed Input Output amount mismatch for custom ItemCasings
  • added methodes to get the coremods blocks as ItemStacks easier
  • added a method to get the coremods items with a custom amount as stack
  • enhanched perfomance/ram usage a bit
  • execution of added assembler recipes for Railcraft WaterTanks dependencies readability
  • fixes #2842
  • added missing 2 ZiO -> 3 Zn Blast recipe
  • fixed ZnO + Carbon did not give out ashes aswell
  • Stargate Rebalance changed Stargate Crystal to 100% chanche changed Stagate foil cost from 7.3k Singularities to 375 Singularities (see
  • small fix getFluid -> getGas
  • SMD Components Quest #2838
  • High Tier Solar Panel Recipe Swap #2832
  • Woven Cotton needs assembler recipe #2852 + since its an assembler recipe its a bit cheaper
  • Add UHV Scanner add more machines in uhv tier
  • Modified Galactic Greg def file modified Europa OreGen to generate in the Ice Layer instead ontop of it enabled TcetiE, CentauriA, Europa gen added final modifiers for clear programming / potential memory reduction
  • Thaumic Bases nerf #2776
  • Forbidden Magic Wands #2860
  • Thauminite Caps & VinteumString
  • Added Silvercloth, renamed Thauminite Caps
  • Changed Metal Strings to Threads
  • fixed barnardaC, europa gen added stone to barnardaC base blocks re-activated water on europa for gen, otherwise veins wont generate propperly there
  • Forestry Circuit Board Assembler Recipes #2884
  • Moved HEE to our own location Updated Jenkins / nexus location
  • Ethanol production with forestry fermenter costs too much energy
  • unified circuit style
  • added Rocket Chips from DataSticks
  • Buildcraft Power Pipes in Assembler
  • fix BC Pipes in assembler recipes


  • Superconductor Wires Require UV Assembler #2686
  • Missing mixer compost recipe #2673 second try with circuit 3
  • [balance] oilsands ore processing too cheap #2691
  • Fix Pump machine inserting into wrong side of tank/pipe above Fixes an issue where a pipe above the pump with its top side set to "Input Disabled" (to control flow direction) stops receiving fluid from the pump
  • tweaked GT crops changed attrributes for better beeding
  • UV motor and field generator change #2698
  • Ethyl Tert-Butyl Ether Recipe Inconsistency #2724
  • Diesel recipe suggestion #2696
  • Pump recipe in assembling line #2674
  • Adv Seismic Prospector reworked Prospects from NW to SE 9 of oilfields (6x6 chunks each) and output min-max oil amount
  • No styrene recipe in LCR #2740
  • Chemical Formulars #2727
  • Superconductor Wires Uncraftable #2749
  • New Fluid regualtors for Luv-UV add textures for fluid regulators LuV-UV
  • Fix transformers not exploding when receiving overvoltage through P2P-EU tunnels Transformers were using the IC2 compat to draw IC2 energy from the tunnel before the tunnel got a chance to push GT energy into the
  • transformer. Because this uses up the transformer's max amperage, the tunnel never gets a chance to push the GT energy into it.
  • Fix crash when using Scanner/InfoPanel on empty Processing Array
  • increase tank size in Arc and Plasma Arc furnace
  • [suggestion] Getting flint with machines early game.
  • Suggestion: Nerf EV/IV Tier circuits in Robot Arms, Emitter, Sensors #2777
  • [recipe] oredicted recipe to make wooden pressure plates overlaps with the GT plank covers that are not oak #2801
  • Add more lines to GT sensor Various Fixes added defaults for clear programming removed unused SuppressWarnings fixed SuperconductorLuV need circuit 92 instead of 9
  • Double recipe for hypochlorous acid LCR - one uncraftable #2845
  • Change Palladium and Platinum to have a higer tool level for Tico
  • Suggestion: Remove ingot smelting to nugget mechanic #2829 (#113) * Suggestion: Remove ingot smelting to nugget mechanic #2829
  • added new UHV machine parts.
  • Add localizer for Nei fix a few recipe deps and descriptions.
  • changed pos of 2 variables for clear programming
  • updated forge version to
  • OreVein Hardcode Update added all Veins into Hardcode added europa, europacore veins for europa added secondlanthanid vein for T8 planets
  • fixed galactic greg & config differnce
  • resolves #2882 by enableing Tartarite ore instead of unused Promethium and Gadolinium
  • Fixed all 403 curseCDN ivy links by moving the jars to our own storage location SignJar New nexus/jenkins
  • Soften dreamcraft dependency Remove dependency from Galactigreg... Enabled Reflexion for Galactigreg
  • added mechanic to scan Schematics to data stics
  • fake re-enabled OreAchievements for compability purposes
  • No styrene recipe in LCR #2740
  • Added tooltop to DataSticks Fixed original GC Schematics changed scanner recipes to 30, 480 (from 32, 512) Schematic2DataStick
  • NEI fix for scanner fixed typo (32 instead of 30eu/t at Prospection Data scan) added Schematic scan NEI-recipe
  • quickfix for shematic chips beeing scannable
  • added missing cells to mixer recipe
  • [recipe] oredicted recipe to make wooden pressure plates overlaps with the GT plank covers that are not oak #2801
  • change pressure plate assembler recipes
  • remove old recipe from pressure plate

Quests changes:

  • glowstone doped monocrystalline silicon boule quest (HV tier) quest #2682,
  • IV circuit mainframe quest (HV tier) #2683
  • fix for #2688 fixed some other small mistakes in quests
  • Various Quest Fixes fix for #2707 #2708 #2709 #2710 #2711
  • Farm Control quest requires wrong electron tubes #2722
  • [Suggestion] Dagger of Sacrifice quest #2701
  • [Coins] Need Coins quest for Ocean bee #2695
  • HV Plate Bender quest #2744
  • Quest Iron Bolts ID #1156 Can't craft Iron Bolts with Ghostwood Fletching. #2737
  • try to fix names in Tinkers quests
  • update Magnalium Bolt Quest
  • [Quest] Add early quest explaining how to use GTOreNEI plugin #2748
  • Quest request: Upgrading forestry bags #2745
  • fixed Universal weeding spade need a mv bender.
  • TF Portal Crystal as Quest #2734
  • Vishroom coin quest wrong description and requirements #2726
  • [Suggestion] Thaumcraft useful things quests #2702
  • new quest page wand foci
  • Quest idea: Crafting of Galacticraft LOX Cannister #2676
  • Add new Wand Foci Quests
  • More Foci Quests [Suggestion] Thaumcraft useful things quests #2702
  • More Foci Quests from Tainted Magic [Suggestion] Thaumcraft useful things quests #2702
  • More Wand Foci Foci for Thaumic Horizons and Thaumic Bases will follow after nerf
  • add infused focus to quests
  • [] Improvements to Gallium Arsenide Quest #2758
  • Remove TiCo OreBerry Bushes from Quests #2757
  • Sulfuric Naphtah and Naphtah #2755
  • [balance] coke oven bricks in alloy smelter are not benefitial / take too long #2754
  • Quest 273 #2786
  • removed empty quests, added quest for Iridium screw
  • Large Chemical Reactor #2796
  • Singular staff 375 vis #2785
  • [Quest] Add cart chunkloader to transportation tab quests #2783
  • [Quest] Steeltank choice reward change #2800
  • Error in 3 quests #2841 MV Steam Turbine Quest #2830
  • SMD Components Quest #2838
  • Suggestion: Superconductor Quests #2837
  • [Suggestion] [Quest] "Lapotron Crystal" in Tier 5 changes #2848
  • Suggestion: Superconductor Quests #2837
  • Suggestion: Platinum-group Sludge Quest #2836
  • Quest suggestions Ass Line #992 add more IV Quests
  • Cannot steam-crack fuels in oil cracker #2900
  • Scheelite, Tungstate Quest #2891
  • Radeon Quest Tier 5 Change Description #2883
  • Sodium and lithium quests before 'how to get sodium/lithium' #2912

Version History