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Mod Upgrade:

  • Core Mod 1.6.04
  • Gregtech
  • Nodal Mechanic 1.1.0-K
  • Open Computers
  • Tec Tech 3.3.8

Mod Changes:


  • -New OC recipes improvement #3157
  • -Make Open Glass gt recipes #3835
  • -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
  • -new ebf coil recipes
  • -add new ebf and vac freezer recipes for high tier stuff
  • -deep iron added to ebf list and vac freezer
  • -Elite Arc Furnaces only have one output slot #3863
  • -missing the last one (arc funace wrong otput)
  • -Coke Oven Brick Dust recipe bug #3869thanks @DualBallers
  • -Add zh lang file thanks to kiwi
  • -update Phosphor/Phosphorous (nedd new GT file)


  • -Oil recipe fix
  • -normal rubber allowed in luv pump #3834
  • -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
  • -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
  • -HV energy hatches too expensive #3844
  • -change color for HV coil
  • -New EBF Coils 12k and 15k Electrum Flux and Awakened Draconium
  • -add new temps to materials
  • -change material enums a bit for new ebf coils
  • -deep iron added to ebf list
  • -Some mistakes in GregTech.lang #3853
  • -Potassium nitrade dust recipe missing ingredients #3855
  • -MV Output Bus is not possible to craft #3867
  • -issue with malachite ore (nether version) #3872
  • -Cannot craft Foresty Copper Electron Tubes in the GT Assembling Machine. #3871
  • -add cinnabar 2nd mix thanks to kiwi
  • update zh lang file for GT thanks to Kiwi
  • -Also allow any number to be used while making ore dict things Better NC panel input/output format and additional book recipe (#1501)
  • -Update src/main/java/gregtech/api/metatileentity/implementations/
  • -Update src/main/java/gregtech/loaders/postload/
  • -Add volumetric flask. (#1500)
  • -Fix maintenance cover (#1496)
  • -New public variable init
  • -Initiated new public variable which is calculate how much damage get turbine rotor per time, its needed to compare with actual rotor durability.
  • -Fix #1439 and #1456 (#1503) Fix #1439 Fix #1456
  • -Fix flask gui.
  • -Add disable sort option for input bus. Default behavior will stay same
  • -depricate Phosphor
  • -Fix flask crash on server

Tec Tech

  • -Add Object input for ass line
  • -add oredict support for circuits in assline
  • -UV/UHV Motor are uncraftable #3839
  • -Can't craft ZPM Dynamo Hatch #3838
  • -recipe overlap assembly line slots
  • -In case there is no alt field
  • -Fix using bad number type in add line recipes...
  • -fix material Phosphor to Phosphorus in lastest gt version

Added/Changed Recipes:


  • -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843
  • -fix derp. Oredict cant be input item.


  • -Update Build-Craft.zs


  • -start with comb oredict support


  • -add all Trapdoors to AnimalTrap


  • -Cannot craft/use GTNH quartz sand #3843

Open Glasses

  • -recipes not removed via code possible


  • -Infusion recipe for Charged Silver Caps is missing #3860

Tinkers Contruct

  • -Clear glass pane EBF recipe bug #3879

Quests changes:

  • -Assembly Line NEI #3842
  • -re add mil quest from DualBallas
  • -[Help] Guidebook localization support. #1643
  • -update Sleeping bag quest
  • -Move Space Torches quest to after Rocket Fuel #3880
  • -add new iron and wooden door quest Oil Sand Quest #3877
  • -add lang file us for quests

Version History