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New Mods:

  • -Overloadedarmorbar 1.0.0-beta5
  • -Torohealth 1.0.0-beta3

Mod Upgrade:

  • -Adventurebackpack 0.9-h11-GTNH
  • -Appliedenergistics2-rv3-beta-27
  • -Bartworks 0.5.13_pre2
  • -Binnie Mods 2.0.28-GTNH
  • -CoreMod 1.6.34
  • -Forestry
  • -Gregtech
  • -Holoinventory 2.1.3-beta-GTNH
  • -Infernal Mobs 1.7.1-GTNH
  • -InGameInfoXML
  • -Mine and Blade Battlegear2
  • -Natura 2.3.0-dev
  • -SpiceOfLife 2.0.0 carrot-beta-3
  • -Sponge Mixins 1.2.0
  • -Waila Harvestability 1.1.7-GTNH

Mod Changes:


  • -Fixed NPE in wearable packet
  • -Some forgotten ancient fixes


  • -Added ability to encode (4 inputs -> 16 outputs) recipes
  • -Made a calculation more clear
  • -


  • -Added VoidMinerWIP
  • -Continue work on VoidMiner
  • -Added a function to BWOreLayers
  • -Made the voidminer actually WORK somewhat
  • -added recipes
  • -made the void miner consume noble gasses to boost output
  • -refactored code by quite a lot
  • -added newest GT
  • -Added GalacticGreg lib
  • -added localisation of achivements
  • -Several fixes
  • -Fixed BioVat
  • -Added some Debug Commands
  • -Changed Void Miner logic
  • -removed Experimental ThreadedLoader
  • -moved LoaderCalls into LoaderReference
  • -moved FMLCommonHandler.instance().get(Effective)Side() into SideReference
  • -made radio hatch compat call static
  • -Made More Stuff static
  • -improved flow control
  • -Added more Block-Recipes

Binnie Mods

  • -Fix fences and gates showing up wrong in WAILA


  • -Forget to change. Now we on
  • -Two same recipes of electrotine #5639
  • -IC2 Charging Packs #5791


  • -BartWorks support for apiculture requirements (#4)


  • -add generate plates for marble and basalt
  • -Now Basalt and Marbel Covers work
  • -Refactored GT
  • -Made ObjectCast explicit
  • -adjusted Lava recipe to be more realistic
  • -Add cover information on the machine item tooltip. (#252)
  • -updated AE2 dependency to use rv3 API
  • -IC2 Charging Packs #5791


  • -trying to move it to the tinkers mask slot #1
  • -Added Holo Glasses
  • -Added model, changed name, cleanup Code
  • -readded Key Manager, added Glasses Conig, made Config static
  • -Disable Glasses requirement Config
  • -add tooltip, separate key category and more
  • -Update

Infernal Mobs

  • -Fix crash when attack target is an unexpected class
  • -Update zh_CN.lang


  • -
  • -extended scale value values

Mine and Blade Battlegear2

  • -remove overlodadedarmorbar and torohealth
  • -add always show slots to gui config


  • -Fix and optimize large glowshroom rendering
  • -Optimize berry bush rendering and add CoFHTweaks/Optifine fast leaves support
  • -Only use one creative tab
  • -Sync glowshroom bonemeal growth to clients and replace fire during world gen
  • -Fix isFireSource in Tainted Soil
  • -Give items with the correct metadata when making Fence Gates, Buttons, Pressure Plates, Stairs, and Trapdoors using wood with metatdata 1 or above
  • -Fix Workbenches and bookshelves not being solid blocks.
  • -New config options, bugfixes, and a lot of cleanup
  • -Make crops break when farmland is trampled


  • -Better item equality testing.
  • -Fixes #7
  • -Play levelup sound on new milestone.
  • -Actually spawn particles!

Sponge Mixins

  • -Switch to CorePlugin and register so that we load very early
  • -Updated SpongeMixins Mod Version

Waila Harvestability

  • -Fix wrong effective tool on GT things such as cables
  • -Update gradle and version

Config changes:

Anger Mod

  • -GT Butcher Knife doesn't work on chickens #5759

Core Mod

  • -change core mod version


  • -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773


  • -Update HoloInventory Config

Ingame Info XML

  • -Update InGameInfoXML.cfg

Meine and Blade

  • -Update battlegear2.cfg

Script changes:


  • -change Pattern Capacity Card


  • -Uncraftable Quantumsuit Boots of the Traveller #5792


  • -Firestone plate uncraftable #5391

Tinkers Contruct

  • -Tinkers smeltery not accepting GT aluminium ingots #5784


  • -Diamond nuggets not craftable #5773


  • -Update Ztones.zs mini charcoal and coal recipe

Quests changes:

  • -Translation update to
  • -Gardener quest stone age #5771
  • -Task ID: 798 The second project ID is incorrect #5769
  • -Quest 1526 'Best crossbow?' gives MV lootbag #5774
  • -Quest 2071 Panning for gold is for chumps - NBT issue #5762
  • -Quest 'Time to ore drill!' needs changes. #5755

Version History